Science of Symbols Part 5 – Pyramids, Parthenon & New Jerusalem Synchronicity

The works of the Jesuit Atanasius Kircher and the geometrician Edmund Gunter are just a clovely set of coincidences. Encoding information on ancient structures as well as modern systems of measure. It’s all just a coincidence of course. The Great Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Egyptian cubti, the English Foot and the modern metre couldn’t possibly be linked through the clock and time keeping. As we know there’s no link between the ancient civilizations such as the Sumerian, Egyptian and the Indus. The writersof the mandatory text books have made that quite clear and it’s not profit or reputation or a quest for truth that drives them. The gatekeepers are just being scholarly in their refusal to examine the measurable.
The ancient origins of science are tangible but pose a problem for both sides of the extremes. The establishment and alternative gatekeepers have a vested interest in protecting their narratives.
I say screw them both, ZH may not believe in radar but GH doesn’t believe in mechancial advantage over levitiation. Both sides would have to rewrite the books they depend on for a living.
I say MEASURE MEASURE, and the truth shall set you free!

Faith, Hope and Charity link, it joins several traditions nad points to something much deeper once the wider Hermetic system is taken into account
Faith, Hope & Charity Explained – Masonic, Christian & Older Origins

How Gunter’s Chain encodes amazing astronomical knowledge, especially through the use of the IONIC system of measures.
Harmonics The Hermetic Rule of the Chain

How the Metre, Egyptian Royal Cubit, the Second (in time) and the Great Pyramid are joined throuhg hte size of the Earth.
Geometry of Time via the Metre, Egyptian Royal Cubit & the Great Pyramid

The “sacred number” of the Great Pyramid and the size of the Earth is said to be 43200, it’s not just about beingg half right. I say it’s 86400 and once that is understood so much else falls into place. An elegant system that unites more than time, cubits, the metre and time but alot more than that. It joins several apparently separate ancient civilizations and points at a single point of origin. Not just in measure but also in systems of weight which is so essential to ancient trade, as it is essential inthe modern system of international trade.
The Great Pyramid It’s 86400 not 43200

Links to the first 3 episodes of “An Ancient Legacy” series.
How pendulums and cubits link the Pyramids to ancient Sumer and the Indus.
An Ancient Legacy Part 1 Great Pyramid to the Red Pyramid via the Pendulum

An Ancient Legacy Part 2 – Revealed The Great Pyramid via Sumer & the Indus

An Ancient Legacy Part 3 -The Great Pyramid Revised – A Review So Far

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  1. 144 cubits = 2592 inches in harmony with the precession of the equinoxes add a zero for magnitude put that in years. 😉 Another great series of vids you're putting together a nice job!! 👍

  2. 50:48:45 salamis Parthenon yields musical intervals too as, one octave down, 25:24 = Minor Chromatic Semitone . The “normal modern” whole number approx for Minor Second is 16:15 ( same as 48:45 ) … symphony in stone 🔨🎼

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