Secretary Of Defense James Mattis Offers ‘Good News’ On North Korea Summit | NBC News

Secretary of Defense James Mattis tells reporters that U.S. diplomats are working to restore the North Korea summit, saying they “may have it back on even.”
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Secretary Of Defense James Mattis Offers ‘Good News’ On North Korea Summit | NBC News

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  1. As a former Marine, I know that this is the best man in the world for this job. I don't fear anything Trump does while Mattis is there.

  2. It's as though there is no one in the media or news who has had any part in the negotiation of a multi-million dollar long term contract for supply of materials or the acquisition of a business…
    Has no one here put together multi million dollar competitive contracts for buildings or materials supply?
    The willingness to drop the talks altogether is a negotiating tactic… the forum matters not the tactics at the higest levels are all the same… bluffs stonewalling, saying no when you could care less, they are ways to gain tells opn your negotiating opponents… Kim was schooled in swiss boarding schools, he knows and understands how to negotiate. They are both testing each other's limits. If you want to work out a deal which is most beneficial for the North Koreans as well as America then this is a GOOD thing! Sometimes what someone says is a point in their negotiations needs more explanation – and may not be a point of contention at all.

  3. No one, that is NO ONE Believes a single word the Trumpy duh Clueless ever says, NOTHING —-> !!!!

  4. what tremendous courage and discipline the army is showing by sticking to diplomacy. very inspiring stuff!

  5. There is only one problem in the world. It is that we follow these false idols that call themselves "kings, queens, pharoahs, presidents, politicians". It has been like this since the beginning of time. But it doesn't have to be, we are capable, believe in yourselves and teach your children to believe in themselves. We don't have to pray to gods and flags that cause division between cultures. The rich have fooled us into enslaving ourselves. Poor people cant afford to build nukes, so who is the problem? All this news is meant confuse our already exhausted minds after working all day.

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