Sen. Susan Collins: Combining Health Care With Tax Bill Is Not A Good Idea | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) joins MTP Daily to discuss the GOP’s tax plan and whether or not combining it with health care is political suicide.
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Sen. Susan Collins: Combining Health Care With Tax Bill Is Not A Good Idea | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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  1. good to hear get more republicans on board to vote this good awful bill work for we the people not the party line congress the Senate and House need to be for the people not the corporations

  2. Why do we NEED to "boost our economy" so badly? The economy is doing fine.  The reason it doesn't seem like it is because all of the money is already going to the top 1%. This tax "reform" will only make that worse.

  3. I have so much respect for Sen. Susan Collins. She truly cares about the interest of people, rather than her own gains in political power. If only there were more elected officials cut from her cloth.

  4. This TAX Bill is evil Senator Collins and I hope to God you are not so pushed and bullied by Trump GOP and GOP that just wanna reward their billionaire donors- becs it's disgusting!!

  5. Susan take care of American people who voted for you…not your husband ..Jefferson consulting have profit of it…go home or change a party…you are not represent GOP and us Republicans

  6. This is what a sensible and conservative person and Republican looks like. You may or may not agree with everything that she proposes, but you feel that it is possible to work towards a common good with her and, more importantly, that she is working for her constituents best interests. We need more people like her on both sides of the aisle.

  7. Wow, a Republican with a BRAIN and empathy for the working middle class – such a RARITY. I'd vote for her anytime! McCain, Collins, Flake, and Murkowski should REJECT the Senate's Healthcare bill, posing as a Tax Reform bill. All it will do is make the rich richer, raise healthcare premiums, and eventually cut Medicare/MedicAid, & Social Security. EVERY Healthcare professional (e.g. Doctors, Hospitals, etc.) OPPOSES this bill. The U.S. public needs to WAKE UP!

  8. Trump and the Republicans want the working class to realize that healthcare is only for the rich and that any help that the working class get to pay for healthcare ultimately costs rich people money and they want to keep all the money they get from paying minimum wages without benefits to their employees.

  9. What are the Republicans thinking? Here's a scary thought: * PLEASE READ THIS :
    We may be seeing the start of a new paradigm in Washington:
    Republicans that no longer even care about getting re-elected. They will pass whatever rapacious, offensive bills their billionaire puppet-masters' want, regardless of town halls or other public outcry. Then many of them will lose the next election. (& some will simply step down, allowing different soul-less Republicans to take their place) No worries! 2 years later, backed by massive campaign funds from those billionaires, plus fallacious attack-ads which "nobody knows" where they came from, an entire NEW crop of soul-less Republicans will get elected, and they will pass every rapacious law they possibly can, to further enrich the billionaires and destroy the lives of most Americans. They will also change every law they can, to make it easier for them to shut-down the Democrats, in those rare years when Dems might regain power. They will also further corrupt the voting system in the country, making it harder & harder for Dems to legitimately get elected.

    – And so it will go, every 2-4 years, forever……

    This could literally be the beginning of the end for democracy in the USA, folks. Please copy this and re-post it, in some form, wherever you can.

  10. I am not American so I don’t know your law makers very well, I do know some however today I was fortunate enough to listen to a Senator Susan Collins, if you had 30 politicians just like her she would at least get things done and I believe she would fight and be on the side of the middle class what a refreshing moment to realize that maybe there are some politicians worthy of people getting up going to the polling station and blasting a nice big ❌ next to her name or someone like her DEMOCRAT or GOP who cares as long as they do what they say they are going and want tobdo

  11. WOW!!!!!! I wish Susan Collins represented my State! She cares about what is right, and her standing up against Roy Moore's comments of hate against Muslims, and LGBTQ people!!!! Wow, I hopw that Maine will continue to elect this great and courageous lady!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows that Roy Moore is guilty of harassment against young women, and his assaults against the young girls!!!! Lets hope Rep. Collins will vote "NO" on the tax reform bill too!!!! I was told that if the republican tax bill passes my taxes with go up, not down, and I will lose my health insurance.

  12. The state of Maine can legislate its own mandate for health insurance upon its own citizens. Collins' pretending that she just has to have the Obamacare mandate, inflicted upon Americans outside Maine's jurisdiction, is stupidity on her part. Stupid Susan.

  13. I don't know what you people are drinking on here but social media is ablaze at how Sentaor Collins voted for the Tax Bill. All along she has been against it because of the affect it would have on her constituents. So, why would she vote for this bill? Which will have devastating affects on her people . I don't get it. Why did you vote against this, people are going to lose their Medicare and SSN and Medicaid??? No, she will sell out again. So disapoointed.

  14. All of these pretty words and she ended up VOTING FOR IT! Good job for becoming a traitor to us all, Collins! You and McCain are now a disgrace!

  15. So what happened, Susan Collins? Suddenly you thought it was OK if 13 million Americans lost their health care. Shame on you for supporting this irresponsible tax plan. Shame on all the Republicans who couldn’t stop talking about the national debt during the Obama administration.

  16. how this lady lied she know all this and she still voted for it .. and she bashes the news an she lied an sold her vote .

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