In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to KYLIE JENNER CONSPIRACY THEORIES & LIL MIQUELA UPDATE and we finally found out who she is!!!!
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Written by lena

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  1. I think that girl was murdered. Clearly, she was drunk and like Jasmine said she doesn't have any strength to open a strong freezer door. When you're drunk, you're very weak. That's why people get raped so much when they're drunk. So clearly she was raped (she was prolly drugged and you don't have any strength when you're drugged too)and then murdered.

  2. This is how a surggot works: doctor puts females egg with males sperm, surrogate carries child. The surggot just carries the fertilized egg, none of hers is involved and a doctor would insert it.

  3. Speaking of organ trafficking, I recently read a news article where a mom in the UK had this overwhelming feeling that her son, who died 7 days after he was born, was not in his grave. If the boy had survived he would be in his 40s I think it said, well, the mom got them to check his grave, and sure enough he wasn't inside.

    One of the strange things that should have been a red flag was that she brought clothes to the funeral home and wanted to put them on her son, they refused to let her see his body at first and then showed her a baby that she said looked way bigger than her baby, and it didn't look like him, but she let it go.

    Turns out the hospital she had her baby at, and several others were illegally removing organs from babies that died and selling them on the black market for years, and the body of the poor woman's son has not been found, and might never be found.

  4. That's sad R.I.P But It scared me for 2 days striaght I couldn't sleep and I had sleep paralysis,And that could have been my mother she stayed there last year..

  5. Actually, quite a bit of surrogate is done by IVF. They take the moms egg and dad's sperm and fertilize it in a Petri dish and the insert it into the surrogate.

  6. Yeah kylie is pregnant I can confirm this because the baby is mine. I smashed her tight little pussy cat so good that my pull out game went weak. So yes Kylie is pregnant…..with my baby

  7. I have been watching your videos for a long time and never subscribed but I finally did it because you guys are so close to 1 million I can see it in your future.

  8. They don't put sperm into a surrogate .. Say Kylie is the surrogate, what will happen is, they take Kim's egg and will fertilize it with Kanye's sperm, once it's fertilized they will place the fertilized egg/embryo into Kylie's uterus..

  9. the kenneeka j videos were edited, so thaat footage isnt reliable. idk why they even exist after the real footage was released.

  10. "They leave us dead in the streets to be their organ donors. They disorganized my people made us all loners. Still got the last name of our slave owners." -Joey Bada$$

  11. Is Kylie married? Does she have a boyfriend? Is she pregnant? Does she have kids? What's her phone number? What's her social security number?

    Am I going too far?

  12. And the autopsy report said that her organs where missing I frogot what it's called but basically it makes white blood cells and that's the type of organ you can't live without and the organ that was mission I worth about $500,000 and organs don't magically disappear and she was in the freezer and colds temperatures provent bodies from rotting so it did not decompose and they don't even know how long see was dead for and that's another thing

  13. Alien's really there fine I met them before just not in person I don't know how to talk about it but it's really real the Draco are alien's there old and Wise and not evil at all and so much more your fine it's Nov 26th stop

  14. its not inserting the sperm and an egg separately. they first fertilize it outside of the body so it could become one (zygote) so it is not THAT bad.

  15. am I the only one who cannot wait until the day the lord comes back or until the world ends, you may hate on me for believing in god and being Christian and all but fuck you I can't wit till all this bad is gone.I'm not depressed so i have No reason to commit suicide sorry for those who have and all but I am definitely ready to die and go to heaven. The world is too fucked up😊😇😇😇

  16. I think she was following a voice because first she looks to the right then to the left like if she’s looking for the voice came from

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