In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to MOVIE CONSPIRACY THEORIES and the last theory just had us sick to our stomach!!!
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Written by lena

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  1. All Digi! A Big give away is light and shadow Effects. In a lot they are claiming are bad CGI.  (Edit) Alright with that crow in front of CCTV is a puppet and for the bird stationary is my explanation is a lot of smart birds like ravens play in wind drafts (catching air currents) to glide. I see that often In Alaska, where I live; along with eagles and hawks. I have sees large birds try to take small animals or, small children in open fields "try" to fly away to their nest with such loads with no success.

  2. Man I thought I was here to see a reaction to "Movie conspiracy" but then it just went to a whole different disturbing topic

  3. The first floating bird was probably green screen, the second one was probably flying against the wind (I've seen it happen before), and the "ghost boy" was just a cardboard cutout that was accidentally left on set(This was proven).

  4. YouTube is getting on to people for saying bad words when there's naked kid butts and kid "eye candy" for all to see, smh

  5. The birds i have seen in the Grand Canyon. It's the updraft from the Canyon allowing the bird to float and stay still. The first one was weird though.

  6. The Imvu one could be true they I've been playing that for a couple of years every year they'd update their shop and made these more life like faces and skins now called "mesh-heads" it looks soooo creepy ?

  7. pedophiles basically a virus that kids can get when they hit puberty if they get way to much exposion kids acting weirdly (really dont want to think of the right word for that shit so dont even complain) but the body will get hooked on that fetish for the rest of their life.

  8. HOLY SHIH TZU!! I've had that bird thing happen to me….so be and my boyfriend were at the park talking and we saw a bird just floating with its wings out but it not flapping them…me and him were both weirded out and stared at the bird for like 4 minutes when it finally moved

  9. The bird thing birds do it all the time it's a mechanism their body does when they are flying or migrating for a long time they hover to rest and get their energy back

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