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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I love yall and all and this channel is sooooooooooo amazing yall keep it 1 hunnid but can you tell Brandon to shut his damn mouth when the video is playing!😠😠

  2. Ok well fast food joints don't force you to eat there nor abuse how much of they're food you eat, that conspiracy theory was probably made by bunch of fattys looking to make an excuse for themselves.

  3. Its no conspiracy that those with wealth want more money. Big companies hire smart and intelligent people to make products that make consumers want to buy. That's not a conspiracy, that legal drug dealing.

  4. You know what imma learn to cook like a professional and do my own fast food natural and not wit no bs omm imma be a cook and do my own kfc chicken omm

  5. And if you go the store all most vegan options are in a back corner away from all the other in healthy food. And medicine is bad for you in the long run that's why a lot of vegan people eat vegetables more then medicine. Does anyone realize how a long time ago women and men hit puberty a few years after what men and women do now? Well it's because most people drink cows milk the cows milk is breast milk for the baby cow so that's extra hormones you are taking in. Sorry if for the long comment.

  6. One of my family members (my mom or my gramma) actually knew somebody who's fingertip got cut off while working with meat, and they just let it go through with all the other meat. The process was too big to stop and sort through the meat. It happens all the time.

  7. Why I live in Tennessee we had murderer here 😱 I’ve seen some of those places I live close to them 😭😫

  8. Instead of buying a lot of weight loss products just do it old school……GO OUTSIDE AND WALK OR GO JOGGING PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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