Sinbad DID Play a Genie!!! Mandela Effect Madness!!!

We are all probably aware of the Mandela Effect with the Sinbad Genie Movie that supposedly never happened. Well now we look at some clips of him as a genie and hear from him in an interview.

The whole clip is here:

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Written by lena

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  1. People think Sinbad played in Kazaam because "Sinbad" the name is related to a character that say's Abracadabra. So your brain see's the connection and automatically want's to piece together a memory based on the clues. For one, Kazaam wasn't the greatest movie to come out so remembering a movie you might of saw once 24 years ago is going to make you think you remember something but not quite. Almost like remembering something funny one of your friends did but you got the friend mixed up with another friend. It happens all the time.

  2. He never played a gini if he did he just forgot about it it's no such thing as mandulla affects

  3. I don’t know man, it’s all wild it’s crazy how these things happen. The world ended in 2012 lol

  4. How sad, to see someone degenerate to such a degree. I say, besides everything you have to say Mr. N, sometimes we have to leave people with what little dignity they have left. To be a "Poster Child" for the Mandela Effect. I feel as if he has been "Ill used".😢

  5. His career died in the hopeful eighties, his attitudes back then would nvr survive in these modern hopeless times ☠👽☠

  6. I know my sister and I used to fight about whether to watch Shazam or Kazam…I am 50. I never took drugs and have 4 degrees, my sister is a phycologist.

  7. I saw the movie, and at the time, jiffy Peanut butter existed, and there where odd crake's and pop's in the sky and now where in a different realm ???, There was a Odd buzzing sound kinda like a static that followed you , or you could hear to and … thing's started to … Change ???

  8. Of course there was, then there were Ali Baba and the 40 thieves & Sabu and his animals. Many kid movies to keep them at home and not on the streets. Now they watch movies on the street what they can't watch at home; some parents are in those movies, would you believe ? We've become smarter and more wicked; Label at birth : Predestination … Hell.

  9. sinbad was a movie that came out in the 60's im not talking about the person named that im talking the movie way back machine sinbad and the eye of the tiger or any other movie that includes sinbad

  10. In this video it shows the kids pulling a curious George book from a box 40 sec in, GEORGE HAS A TAIL!

  11. There were two different genie movies. One was shaq=kazaam, the other was shazaam=Sinbad. I remember when a friend asked me to watch it.i never did but I do remember. Alot of Hollywood had two or more studios coming up with similar ideas.

  12. Didn't Sinbad play the Genie in that cartoon? A cartoon made because of the movie. I think Sinbad is smoking crack.

  13. I remember that shazam movie but that was another reality, not this reality. Get over it, I think sometimes we switch realities. My advice, accept Jesus as Lord and Savior while you can.

  14. He looks old because he was using, crack does that and many addicts have no memory of what they do. And/or he hated the movie so much, he refuses to be identified with it, the movie was a stinker. The movie is real. Sorry, no Mandela effect.

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