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This is an alternative resource of charging the batteries besides grid charging used in three-wheeler battery operated electric rickshaw which will charge the battery from a 330 WattPeak solar panel placed on the roof-top of the vehicle using a MPPT based charge controller. This additional charging will in one hand increase the mileage of the vehicle and on the other hand will increase the battery life.

Benefits of the product:

1) Increase of vehicle mileage by 25-30 km (90 km per grid charging + 30 km solar charging = total 120km continuous mileage)
2) Increase of vehicle battery life by approx. twice (estimated 16 months for battery with 6 months warranty)

As we are becoming the reason for the climate change, global warming, we will have to take a step ahead to bring back a clean environment. We should start using renewable energy to save our nature. This is just to spread awareness and get conscious towards our nature.

This video presents the live recording of installation of solar charging system in a three-wheeler battery operated electric rickshaw. The reason behind the video is to show the actual onsite environment & how our team works.

In RESOLZ Power Private Limited, we have a strong R&D team who are engaged in designing and developing various solar and power electronics based products for the last six years under the guidance of Prof. Hiranmay Saha. In our Institute IIEST, Shibpur there are world class level laboratory facility for development and testing of these products. A startup company named RESOLZ power Private Limited has been founded by three students of this Institute which concentrates solely on renewable energy and energy efficiency. It consists of a small and competent team of entrepreneurs which has a motif of changing the energy scenario. Our specialized and experienced engineers help us in combining the affordable solar power and energy efficiency solutions with the maximum standards of customer services. This startup has been incubated in Tagore Centre for Green Technology Business Incubation (TCGTBI), IIEST shibpur which is providing them physical, technical and networking supports and services by organizing events to help companies in networking and showcasing their technologies, and by arranging meetings with visitors of IIEST, Shibpur (such as alumni, Venture Capitalists, industry professionals). This startup has already been started pushing their commercial ready innovative product into the market.

Ph: 8981323967, 9836826994 or write us at or

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