‘Solar radiation management’: Scientists hope to fight climate change with geoengineering

Scientists are turning to technology to counter global warming. Harvard researchers are launching the world’s biggest solar geoengineering study aimed at altering the planet’s temperature. RT America’s Marina Portnaya has the details.

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  1. We are cold and hungry… so the government says they want to cool the planet and block sunlight so crops fail…. great plan, fek'n carbon tax scam.

  2. Messing with the finely tuned delicate balance of fundamental physics that sustain all life before we fully understand how physics works. What could go wrong?

  3. when you research what chemtrails are. how they behave, how they look, what their effect is, and compare that to solar geoengineering (stratospheric aerosol injection) you will realize that they are the same thing. persistent contrails didnt always exist. in my country they started appearing 15 years ago when we turned to NATO. in the west 30 and more years ago. in US even 50. thats why americans are already indoctrinated and cant even tell the difference. and now they are creating consent through these announcements in the media

  4. RT, how can you sit there in your fake studio, and tell lies about fucking global warming!! you are all terrorists to the world, just so you can collect a fucking paycheck and cover up for your terrorist handlers!!! you are descrace and scum to humanity!! how can you look your endangered kids in the face at night!!!????? shameless ? pigs!!!!!

  5. Are those scientists fools. Do you fools want to experiment with our world. Fools. Pice of shit. You don't need to do anything. Pice of shit. You don't experiment with the life of humanity. What if your stupid experiment fails.

  6. This is exactly what I said, if there's a super volcanic eruption from Yellowstone, while California might be fucked, New York City would be cooled effectively by the mini ice age

  7. We should also be trying to find a way to eliminate the salt contained in the ocean. It sounds far fetched but if you eliminate the salt from our oceans, chances are we can reduce severe Hurricanes – if not eliminate them all together. When you boil water, what happens when you add salt? You'll see what appears to be rapid circulation inside of the water

  8. Wait a minute, I thought the science was settled on CO2 being the culprit?  Nah, just kidding.  Saddly, it's been obvious for 2 decades that CO2 was a bit player (thrust into the limelight by Al Gore who saw a $$ to be made) and good ole sol was the real determinant.  Oddly the dems are still trying to jail anyone who says otherwise…..

  9. Amazing how the sheep trolls continue to call others"conspiracy theories"
    when the facts are are obvious. scientist opinions are just that, nature is smarter

  10. the universe is constant change, "Nothing is permanent"
    Change with it and adapt!
    The illusion of permanence, is to resit change

  11. Scientism is a disease that needs to be cured. This has been happening for decades. Fed up with the self absorbed herd.

  12. Uh yeah, RT — but it seems they got a pilot program going in upstate NY. We have toxic soup sky five times per week. We already know it does not work. We do not support it. We are all suffering from your piezoelectric weather-induced asthma and headaches here. And I would like to at least have a few years of life without being poisoned by disaster capitalism. So now turn the spigots off please.

  13. People can't really fall for this it's bullshit why would you ever believe the news which is controlled by Satan, wake up

  14. here's an Idea RT America you can choke on that stuff just like we're doing it is toxic and killing everyone.

  15. fake news from the freemasonic controlled RT,, go away and boil your lying deceiving little scumbag heads eh,, been engineering the hell out of our climate system for many years until the point our sky is now silvery blue and the sun is now white,,CLIMATE CONTROL being covered up for years by all our FAKE MSM,,,

  16. I hate how operation mocking bird makes the unawake people around me think I'm crazy! when I point out that a normal contrail from a jet flying much higher than the particulate haze of and the chemtrails themselves is mathematically impossible in cloud formation! why are people so affraid to see and accept the truth and reality? being awake isn't fun but everyone doesn't wake up and make a stand immediately to the nwo it'll be too late! sadly my fear is: THE TRUTH WILL STAND WHEN THE WORLD FALLS!!!!!!

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