Southern Anomaly is Weakening the Magnetic Field-Earth Enters Mass Extinction Tipping Point

Ongoing changes are happening in the Earth’s magnetic field in an area in the Southern Hemisphere known as the South Atlantic Anomaly.

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Written by lena

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  1. We have many sea creatures becoming extinct because MAN is using the sea as a dumping ground. What else do we expect?

  2. i am aware of the "coSMIC Dust" i have a been experiencing something strange! i draw extreme energy and can physically see this "dust" as well as feel it. i am very intuitive and empathetic. If that means something to you I have to admit it means something to me. I am nervous about all this and I'm not paranoid I have never been a paranoid person even though people have told me that! I am just very very intuitive!! my guts telling me something and i need to tell people something big is coming! I'm not scared but this planet is changing and it's going to be devastating to this world! People need to wake up open their eyes and their hearts and their minds to what they do not know and do not see! And for that matter do not believe in… I'm not a religious person but I'm very spiritual I'm very aware I'm very intuitive I'm very smart and I'm very empathetic! I can feel the vibration coming from everywhere and it just it's not safe underground or above-ground. ♡dor

  3. no one has noticed the peoples eyes
    most peoples eyes show something lurking
    something not good is lurking within the people we all used to know.
    it literally hurts my heart .
    people, even and especially if you think im nuts, just take a step back outward from your reality
    shits different
    shit is real
    its like all of a sudden everyone has cruel intentions
    even backhanded compliments, as if the person has something to say but juuust cant let it out
    look into the eyes, please
    that saying "the eyes are the window to the soul"
    Rings true for a very good reason
    something is waiting for the kill commands
    just listen please and look
    look up the definitions for the word "see"
    so we all may be able to comprehend the depth of the thing ::::

  4. The inner core and outer surface of earth do not rotate at the same is slower than the other one.the friction between two creates lava and magma that exited thru volcanoes.a little bit short of lava and magma will wobble the inner core and make it stumbled causing the pole to flipped.

  5. Ain't nothing to be afraid of… It's going to be what it's going to be… The Earth is a living, breathing organism. When our time is up here, our time is up.

  6. The Bible speaks of Wormwood and the water's turning bitter and the demise of sea life , now it doesn't say that one would have to hit the ocean. Since, a lot goes unreported, I'm pretty sure that meteors have already hit the ocean somewhere and poisoned the waters. We have seen pretty red, yellow, blue and green METEORS fall from the sky almost nightly for a year and half here in VA. Even some are seen in daylight!! We don't know that part of the nuclear radiation coming from Fukushima is not part of what is wormwood we don't know all the fine minut details of how wormwood could cause the bitterness. It just be close enough that is causing the ANOMALIES by the weather changes that can cause the ocean the waters to turn bitte. One thing for sure, the BIBLE FORETOLD ALL OF THESE THINGS THAT ARE UNFOLDING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!!

  7. When the polar vortex split. The main stream media lead people to belief it was above freezing. This is misleading. It got to be 35 degrees above normal for 2 days. Well, whats normal? Minus 25! to minus 30. So the warmest temp was 9F! The ice is all an 80 year thickness with some place as thick as 5 to 8 Meters thick! This was according to official GFS and Noaa readings. The polar vortex split is associated with Grand Solar minimum. Which is why the first week in April has forecasts of extremely cold polar vortex readings and why snow is forecast for as far south at east TN for the first week of April. The Arctic sea is NOT free of ice. There is no open water according to current gfs ice thickness.

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