Spending 10 days inside Putin’s Russia: Part 1

In Russia, where President Putin is power personified, “Nightline” met with opposition activists who participated in a national day of protest.

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  1. This is the same guy who had a panic attack on live TV…you are just a nervous person. Propaganda much??

  2. The Russians are corrupt and we are becoming the same they don't know what the truth is and or who Jesus Christ is people in general are foolish and deny the truth for the love of money period

  3. This guy basically hangs around anti putin protesters all the time… The whole video seems clearly biased and has some made up data. It is a view from only the lifes of anti putin protesters… If this is the case then in US, the view from an anti trump protest group will be even worse.
    The video only shows the worst parts there is… It is like the host only wanted to show the scary stuff and make an anti putin propaganda video.
    I have been to both russia and US and when I watch this video… I cant help but notice the common american beleif that 'russia is evil' that has been carved into their heads by the mainstream media in their country.
    In reality russia is not that bad… Its rather a better place and in par with US. I think the americans should learn to live outside their small bubble where they are only allowed beleive that they are the only greatest country in the world and countries like russia are evil, middle east countries are all terror, and asian countries are poor…. Where as in reality thats not true and its just what their mainstream media forces into their head so hard that they refuse to even consider correcting themselves or accepting the fact that they are not above or better than everyone else.

  4. Most people that think that ABC doesn't have credibility not going to believe anything they report no matter what. ABC has lost their credibility and that's it.

  5. Lol I wanna see if US citizen who will graduated from Russian university will go far on his presidential campaign 🤭. Mr novalniy graduated yale, clown with no experience in politics

  6. Dont care if u elect putin, thats on u, there thoes in the us that care about speaking truth of a free and open press of a democracy over a dictatorship, in telling the truth where those who have a problem with that r just gonna have to accept it, somthing people like putin seem to have a big problem with, where y just not care & call your self a crooked lying deceitful medling theiving pos & then just do what ever u want in taking it from there, where those other than russians who your lieing to who dont seem to mind & would be fine with that, can move on, then were people would atleast accept that and say well ok then for atleast being honest in then moving on, but dont go about doing things through one way & then keep lieing that its somthing els by attacking people by insulting their intelligence, just call your self a crooked lieing deceitfull theiving pos were those people will be ok with in appreciation in thanking putin for his honesty, instead of trying to play em for fools, where every body can then move on, happily ever after accept for russians that is with theiving crony capitalist anti democratic nopolean dictator whos running a kleptocracy, were thats on u, but its putin who is a lieing meddling deceitfull pos, who just wont come out & say that, for everybody to move on instead of prolonging it in going in circles, witch is what the problem really is.

  7. Just like (the evil) ABC News to trash Russia. ABC, if you don't agree with THEIR destruction of America via online news, they axe you immediately. All hail Russia and Vladimir Putin!!

  8. they are fags..of course. .they want like all cancers try to stop.. something good for Russia. slava putin🇷🇺🐻💒

  9. I wish they would do a comparison report. Showing Russian public health care to American. Then how many Americans are in jail or killed by police compared to the freedom Russians enjoy. The fact that Russia does not have the death penalty but America still kills people. The fact that if RT did a program like this in America it would be deemed a foreign agent and probably sanctioned. America used to be great. Now Russia is great. The honesty of RT reporting is refreshing compared to this.

  10. lol, whoever put this thing together knows almost nothing about Russia. They found few liberal nutjobs and are passing them as main opposition figures? hahaha Navalny's approval rating is less then 1% and justifiably so. The guy is a freaking moron and his only support comes from 14-15 year olds, lol. this is what they call FAKE NEWS

  11. The Russians scared him so bad he had to go to a shrink! LMAO!  what a fucking loser. Keep watching this garbage, you'll be brainwashed in no time.

  12. Last time I checked, you cannot have public protest in Beijing or Shanghai and Mr. Trump calls Chinese President “a strong leader”. Mr. Putin is just too damn soft on dissidents! You need to jail at least one Nobel Peace laureate to death to earn that coveted title. lol.

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