Spongebob & Sandy Are Actually Married | Cartoon Conspiracy Theory

Are Spongebob and Sandy actually married in the show without anyone knowing about it? The evidence may shock you!

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  1. (~_~)' You know, I heard he's just been "Sponging off of her" since they got hitched…

    (~_~)" Pretty sad, isn't it??

  2. Damn it's been hella long Kmack and you never stopped making videos and you never changed up like other YouTubers stay strong 💪🏾

  3. The Priest saying "I didn't know it was a play" has me thinking it was an actual wedding. Who knows🤷🏾‍♂️
    It seems possible.

    I'm not a close minded uncreative thinker like most people. I take logical info with a grain of salt

  4. Spongebob reproduces by budding and if he and Sandy could concieve there cildren would prbably drown to death when they were born.

  5. The real question is "did this chronologically happen before or after 'Ripped Pants'?" because, if it was before, then the evident jealousy in that would have an extra layer to it

  6. not sure if this is brought up but i have a theory what if the main characters of the show are living in Purgatory i mean think about it the other fish in Bikni Bottom all age and die but SpongBob Pat Pearl Squidward and the rest all stay the same yea they think about getting old and stuff BUT it never happens for as long as SpongeBob been on the air i mean Krabs has got to be well over 100 i mean he lived through the war but in every show we seen him the same age i believe he looks to be 40 not to mention all the stuff in every esp SpongeBob and Pat do the same stuff over n over n over esp. to Squidward they torment him over n over n over not to mention SpongeBob keeps failing his test n tomenting Mrs Puff

  7. You know, as pointed out by The Mysterious Mr. Enter, Mr. Krabs and Patrick were actually present at the time of the play.

  8. Boy, what if Spongebob and Sandy had kids?  I can only imagine what they'd look like.  Also, you know the episode "To Love A Patty" (I don't know whether that came out before or after this one)?  What if Sandy knew about Spongebob having an affair with a Krabby Patty?

  9. Ever since I first saw that episode when I heard the priest say I didn't know this is a play either I always thought does that mean Spongebob and Sandy are really married.

  10. I mean if it was a real priest, whether or not Sandy and Spongebob knew they were actually married, they would because it was a real priest

  11. Good theory overall but here's another possibility: Spongebob and Sandy did not get married but Spongebob thought that the play was real and that he really married Sandy, due to his innocence. If I had to guess that is exactly what the writers of Spongebob were trying to imply with that scene and they thought they were being perfectly clear about it.

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