Stray Dog Rescuers – Romania – 2013 – subtitles

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Giovanni –
Nina – via
Sorina –
Craiova dogs –

– Prologue –
I don’t have words to describe how much I admire these brave people and everyone in Romania fighting for the dogs. Every day they face death and misery. Many of them spend their spare time and more than an average monthly wage for feeding and treating stray dogs. For them, lives are highly valued. They are ready to make huge sacrifices for saving the dogs, no matter how hopeless the situation seems to be.

Government and national media are against them. Public opinion is against them. Neighbours, fellow citizens and local authorities are threatening them. They even get assaulted. Still they keep on fighting.

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VJ Memes – Alice in the City

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Written by lena

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  1. This movie is very interesting to watch and seeing rescuers telling their stories, showing the dogs they are helping, is really very touching. One of my dearest friend and rescuer, Sorina, appears in this film, and I love her to bits for what she is doing for the animals. All these rescuers need to be so strong to keep going on despite what they have to see and feel daily. They all have my deepest respect <3

  2. You are the best Carmen. Good speech, good pointed out the situation. I wish know more about dog problem in Romania. Much hope to meet you when come to Romania in September
    Good job guys !

  3. Thank you Giovanni, Sorina and others! I have adopted one woderfull dog, Zitza, from Glina shelter. Love her dearly!

  4. just watch this and it breaks my heart to think of what is happening to those,s poor dogs , thank you to the GOOD PEOPLE in Romanian for helping them . what happening the other day is sad and should be stop !!! they had homes to go to in uk AND all over the world,  but the stole them please help every pet lovers PLEASE !!


    Sad news from last weekend. IMO It's all about money and sadistic people on a power trip. They are testing how far they can take this before EU starts to react.

    ASPA also published a "black" list of associations and private persons who's rescue work and security are now threatened. Rumors about illegal mass killings and secret transportations around the internet. And of course a woman, killed in a park by alcohol intoxication, but media telling stray dogs killed her.

  6. great documentary! please everyone comment on this, this helps the spreading of this video in the search engines!!!

  7. thank you! and also thank you to carmen arsene and everyone who appeared in this documentary that is helping this innocent souls!

  8. evetyrhing that these wonderful people are relating us it's the REAL THRUTH!!!!and poor lady of 63 years old, the neighbours agressed her and her dogs on her private property distroying the fences , worse that in the JUNGLE ,( FUCKING CORUPTION  FUCKED UP POLITICIANS )

  9. c est pas un pays pauvre vu les bagnoles neuves!ils pourrait mieux des chiens,alors pour ca c est des enfoires :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well worth watching, in that it explains the situation in Romania in regard to dogs. My admiration and respect goes to the people who sacrifice so much to help them.

  11. Just came back from Romania. It was so depressing to see all this poor dogies. Did my best to feed them and give them some love. I cried every day. It's great to know there are some good people there

  12. Im from UK and I want to come to Romania and visit a rescue. I will bring money and will pay for new cages ect… I want to come over so badly to help out!

  13. Very well made video, good job! 
    I've been to Romania (Sibiu) once to live in a family for a week. In my opinion the biggest problem ist the mentality of many Romanians. They love puppies, they keep them in their backyard as long as they are cute. But I have not seen an educated dog once in this week. Even worse is, that their dogs just "disappear" when they keep the gate to their backyard open. But people don't seem to care, the dogs aren't even registered. They don't seem to realize that adopting a dog means to carry responsibility! As soon as their dogs aren't small and cute anymore they do not longer care what happens to them. Many Romanias do seem to be angry with the strays. I wish they could have seen the same thing in those dogs' eyes what I saw. You guys are doing an amazing job, in addition to those wonderful people who care for the dogs there should be programmes to educate the Romanian civilization. It would be a success if they saw another possibility of how one can take care for a dog!

  14. I don't understand how can be romanians so cruel for innocent dogs. 🙁 I visited Romania in that summer and I was so disappointed to see so many stray dogs on the streets. I really want to help them. I'm from Estonia and I'm ready to take a holiday to come and help them. Maybe someone can to give me some advice how I can start to help those poor souls.

  15. Good people keep on fighting for these poor street dogs.I hope you all can come together and sterilze all street dogs,tag and release them ,like they do in India..Bless all the good people who feed these poor dogs.

  16. Although hard to watch and quite heartbreaking, I found this film very interesting. We have got a Romanian rescued dog and I felt I owed it to her to find out about her background to get a better understanding of why she behaves like she does and why there is this awful problem of strays and animal cruelty. Our "Honey", (or Rosalinda) as on her passport, is a beautiful and unusual looking dog. Things were not easy at first with her, but with patience and understanding , we accept she is different and love her. One wonders what she may have gone through ,and at first wondered if we had done the right thing, but it's been worthwhile and she has settled well, because I don't believe in giving up on an animal.

  17. This kid I know who is from Romanian decent said they take dogs into the countryside and shoot them!

  18. We adopted a Romanian dog in 2016. This film was 2013, it's now 2018. Seems that very little has changed and the situation is still just as bad.
    A country where cruelty still goes on, and good people struggle to do their best for the dogs. Such an awful shame

  19. U can see they ate not aggressive mabe that poor boy was killed by man and ppl just blame the dogs .. animals hv rights to I hope ppl will get educated I trust them they ate great friends poor babies ❤

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