Superbooth 2018: Bela Looks Tastier than a Raspberry Pi

…for music use, anyway.
This mini platform is designed for optimum music and sensor use. Looks really interesting.

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Written by lena

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  1. Looks exciting! Think I saw something similar last year. Hope to see open-source interfaces become more common.

  2. ooo like the retrofit to a guitar idea. Anyone have more details on those string sensors? Id like to try and piece something like that together. On another point Gaz could retrofit every bass. Every bass in the wooooorld.

  3. This looks amazing. With the right code snippets, a few of these could replace tons of expensive equipment.

  4. Axoloti is 65 euros, has already got jacks and MIDI (DIN/USB), has comparable inputs and two outs that can drive DC control voltages and a bunch of digital in/out pins and also has separate jacks built in where it runs stereo audio at 48K 24 bit. Bela at twice the cost seems to have impressive capabilities but might be better sold to actual synth makers: Axoloti is more approachable on a tinkerer/electronic musician level, because it doesn't make you write code.

  5. Programing isn't scary. Haha, if you can understand a patch on an analog synth, and do really basic algebra/trig, you can write audio code in C.

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