Superman Sun Punch | Because Science Footnotes

Kyle ponders why a supervillain would punch Superman into the sun, responds to your comments, and more!

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Nobody has ever told a girl in the past 50 years that they shouldn't go into technology or math. That whole idea and notion is so antiquated. Its not 1950 anymore.

    Its far easier for female to enter the STEM field today than it is for males.

  2. I don't think you've ever punched anything really hard. I can punch someone across a room and I don't fly into the wall behind me. If you can create the momentum needed to move something you're gonna keep moving and the opposite force would be your fist stopping not flying back at you.

  3. Enough said “get me to titan, get me under that ice…”, but I believe you meant to say, “get me to Europa…”

  4. For the question at 18 m.
    when fighting you don't just punch someone.
    There's a lot of technique to it. Including how you rotate your body, lean, and move in order to put as much force as possible into your punch without falling backwards or loosing balance which would allow your oponent to simply tip you over.
    You also have to thing about how you hold your fist in order not to break it.
    So as a fighter, yes, Newton's third def applies when punching someone.

    Here's a classic (no worries, no gore. just some sparring):
    Notice how the big guy uses his foot against the fence to get more force, he has (at least looks like) a lot more mass, and he takes a few steps extra after completing the punch because he has so much more force than required to knock the other guy backwards.
    Side note, if the other guy braced for that punch he or the guy throwing it would probably get injured. Luckily, the wasn't prepared and fell backwards instead.

  5. Blood is thicker than water actually refers to that the blood shared between brothers in battle is a thicker bond than that of two brothers who steem from the same uterus.
    The meaning has since been corrupted and when someone says it today they actually mean the opposite, that the blood you share with your family is thicker than the water you would share with someone else (as a drink).

  6. So… Newton's third law… what's to say for example, our hero punches a baddie at 100N, the force on our hero would be 100N. In this you specified that to brace this you need somewhere for that force to go. Theoretically can the "recoil" be directed through where you normally brace when standing, your feet. This applies a backward force of 100N but the third law would come into effect again pushing back on your feet with 100N causing you to avoid the "recoil"?

    I'm not a physicist but it got me to thinking that a hero punching a baddie cant be an isolated show of force, multiple forces would apply at any time. (…the baddie could also brace it pretty much the same way?)

    PS, love the show, gets my brain thinking!

    edit: pss. Think about boxing, the attacker hardly moves due to their stance.

  7. um doesn't overloading come into consideration with the punching superman into the sun thing I mean wouldn't it be fundamentally the same as applying ESD to a microchip which would fry it?

  8. Kyle teleports once, and never finds his home again for the rest of his life. God only knows if whatever vessel he brought with himself sustained him long enough to find life.

    Also also, to counteract the effects of super strength, one could use a hook instead of straight punches. The force would apply spin to your body, which you could counter by hitting the person a second time! As long as you connect with an even number of punches, you're good. If not, you might still have a problem.

  9. Why people go the other direction while the "puncher" stays put is a loss of balance, not the influence of force.

  10. Another consideration of super strength without durability, imagine the damage you would do to yourself with a sneeze or cough.

  11. Remember a few scenes in one of these episodes when superman travels to his home and picks up a key to open his front door. Then Lowis Lane comments, well, who needs security. Superman replies, this key was forged from the heart of a dying star. Well, if a key were to weight 1000's of tons or more. It would travel to the center of the earth, through concrete, human bodies, ect…

  12. But if you punch someone across the room wouldnt it work to just pull your arm back and spin around instead of pushing yourself across the room in the opposite direction

  13. The best superpower would be the ability to ignore or cancel physics on a whim you'd be able to do anything

  14. When people punch in real life they prepare for the kickback, they don’t lean back, i feel Superman could do the same but with flying

  15. So what, he's spent his life acclimating to living among cardboard people. Plus his super intellect can compensate for this issue

  16. Kyle, you keep making the same mistake. Sure, if superman 'tried to punch someone into orbit' he would appear to punch himself into the ground. But not if he flew at the exact same moment to cancel out the reaction. You know superman can fly too right.

  17. Perhaps wear very big shoes that have a high coefficient of friction on a very sturdy surface, like stone or concrete to help balance out the force if you are compelled to punch a villain across the room.

  18. Ah, but perhaps in supermans world they DESIGN cars with nice sturdy handholds because there are so many superpowered beings. Just color code them so superpeople can lift them safely.

  19. Kyle if superman can fly and carry immense weight while he flys would he be able counteract the force of his punches?

  20. I know that this is an older vieo, but what if you weren't standing still? How fast would you have to be moving to have enough momentum to counter act the force that you would receive from your own punch to sen a man to the sun?????

  21. But if you did punch Superman into or towards/near our sun, it would eventually kill him. (Lex Luther's plan from the comics.) Sure he would get a boost, but his cells would explode and slowly lose said powers and die from cancer.

  22. I punched a guy once and he flew back about 4 feet. I felt no notable damage to my fist or arm and I certainly didn't get pushed back. I mean, as a physicist, I understand all of it. But… something just doesn't fit.

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