SUPPORT CA AB 2860 – Repeal the Handgun Roster

Battle of The Day 4/9/18: SUPPORT CA AB 2860 – Repeal the Handgun Roster
AB 2860 is an outstanding bill that would repeal the unconstitutional and oppressive “Not-Unsafe Handgun Roster”.

The Roster prevents Californians from purchasing modern handguns because they are “unsafe” and do not implement microstamping, a technology that does not even exist!
FPC’s program promoting activism for gun rights, “Battle of the Day” , which airs every afternoon on the Firearms Policy Coalition Facebook page & YouTube Channel

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  1. The video isnt working will you do a follow up videos on these bills if they make any progress to getting our rights back?

  2. Support 100%. However, ain't got a snowball's chance in hell. It's commie kalifornia after all. But worth a shot.

  3. What an absolute pain in the rear end that you guys have to deal with the list oh I unless there's a somebody who of law enforcement's bought a gun across the border and is making a living selling them but we won't go there

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