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    North Korea Is Teetering On The Edge Of A Cliff

    Is this the calm before the storm? As President Trump recently hinted at. Because Former President Carter has now offered to intervene according to South Korean Newspaper Korea JoongAng Daily. University of Georgia Professor of Public and International Affairs Park Han-shik told the South Korean paper “Should former President Carter be able to visit North […] More

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    Rhea Edge

    The McLean County Arts Center presents Rhea Edge’s painting exhibition in the Brandt Gallery September 8- October 28, 2017. Sponsored by Paul & Sandra Harmon and Mike & Alexis Kalish Rhea Edge is passionate about art making, activism, and environmental conservation. Through her painting, drawing, and printmaking, she educates as well as inspires. Edge has […] More

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    Leading Edge Research on alternative health and wellness -Dr. Holly Fourchalk (604) 764-5203

    Leading Edge Research on alternative health and wellness-Dr. Holly Fourchalk (604) 764-5203 Dr Holly is a holistic health practitioner who provides alternative medicine and alternate health care solutions and treatments for health and wellness. She operates a mobile health and wellness clinic that allows her to come to you in the comfort of your own […] More