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    Enabling And Encouraging Obesity

    Please read the description!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE – RATE – COMMENT – LIKE The things mentioned in this video are based on typical scenarios. I’m all about live-and-let-live. My real problem with fat acceptance is when people take it to the next level and encourage sickness as beauty. Fat encouragement or fat enabling would probably be a […] More

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    Childhood Obesity: The GroupB Collective – Social Activism

    This video is the results of a group project for a Walden University Social Responsibility course. We had to highlight and find resolution for a social problem within America. Our group (Group B) chose Childhood Obesity as our project and thanks to organizations such as who have allowed us to have a voice in […] More

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    The Genesis Of Obesity

    This video is a Political Remix Video that was created at Fair Use Remix Institute 2008 by Martin “Xavi” Macias Jr. The leading instructors for this class were Mindy Faber and Jonathan McIntosh. Fair Use Remix is a revolutionary media tool that will be the future of social justice work and activism. It allows you […] More