The 23 CREEPIEST Websites

Anyone watching is probably aware that the internet is absolutely crawling with weird things. Here some of the most bizarre and creepy websites we could find…and still talk about.

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13 – I give it a 2
Rate My Poo is just that! You can go onto this website, browse through people’s number 2’s and rate them! If you like, you can upload an image of yours too. They are rated on how charming they look, or how angry it looks, is there a face of Bono hidden in your poo and so on! If you’re proud of yours, you know where to go!

12 – Speaking nonsense
If you don’t really know the purpose of a site, that’s creepy enough. The address is even too long to read out, but this site is filled with gibberish. There’s loads of words, numbers, arrows, bizarre artwork, and phrases – and you almost wonder what you’ve lost by clicking on this site.

11 – Classified Information
If you know, please share something with us! This site is pretty empty when you click on it. is the name of it, and it brings up login information. There is an email address for you to apply for access, but the site states that should you be applying for access, you will already know what you need to submit. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Some believe it’s the way you can be part of an underground hacking community.

10 – Face Time is totally weird, and the guys running this site have managed to shrink every single Facebook profile pic to fit onto your screen! You can zoom into them if you like, but finding your own face would literally be a chance of 1 in 1.2billion, so if you’ve got time on your hands – happy searching!

9 – Take all the time you need
Speaking of time on your hands, this site will require a lot of it! Darwin time is a collaboration of conspiracy theories and totally creepy images. There’s talk of world revolution, and topics from Hitler through to Woodstock. There are thousands of hyperlinks on this website, and they all work. It will leave you doubting a lot of what you thought you knew, so just be aware of that!

8 – Conspiracy Theorists Unite
If our previous post intrigued you, this one will too! Time Cube is a site that tries to prove the theory that 1 single day is actually 4 days and should adults not believe this theory, that children should go out and kill them. Nice. It pulls on Gene Ray’s model of reality, and is every bit as weird as it sounds.

7 – Not too far-fetched
News of Future is a place where you can visit to see how our society will be in 20-years-time. The stories are not that far-fetched, but they are a little disturbing. For example, one story claims that 13.2 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s in the next 20-years. Scary stats!

6 – You need a hug
I think you need a bit of a breather, so hop on to, and receive a virtual hug from the thousands of people on the site. They’re literally giving out hugs all day long, and you’ll feel better afterwards.

5 – Wear it like a second skin…
Enough of the hugs, and time for another creepy site! This website offers products made out of human leather! There you will find shoes, belts, wallets and other products. Their site explains that the people bequeath their skin to them, and the process of turning it into products is very expensive. A pair of shoes made out of the skin will cost you $29 000.00.

4 – Match made in
The graveyard? I’m really not sure, but this site allows you to keep things a little less messy, and you can find your zombie soulmate online! is where you need to go, with many users claiming to be real, live – I mean dead, zombies!

3 – Get yourself organized
I really hope that you are prepared for the catastrophes that are coming your way soon, because according to Angels Heaven, they are coming. This site helps you by offering an evacuation plan from earth, but you need to make sure you have your 4th heart chakra in order. Otherwise, sorry to say, but you’ll be stuck here with us mere mortals.

2 – Escape Reality
This is Simulation Argument, and this site proposes the theory that we are all living inside a computer, kind of like The Matrix. It’s actually a paper written by Dr. Bostrom, and it has attracted a lot of attention. Here is a quote from a massive supporter: “The Simulation Argument is perhaps the first interesting argument for the existence of a Creator in 2000 years.” The idea is pretty creepy, but it’s worth the read!

1 – You want creepy?
You Got It! Here’s a website called and it showcases He-Man singing “What’s Up, Hey Yaa – nonstop! It’s been called YouTube’s National anthem, and many claim it to be their favorite site in the whole world! I’ll let you be the judge of that!

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  1. It's that time of year again, the Creepy Site Countdown season. List25 did one, but their list was less lighthearted due to the inclusion of, like, gore and shock sites.

    I suggest everyone go around and check every channel that does one of these lists. You learn a lot about a channel by what websites they'll include on one of these lists.

  2. @Talltanic – can you give links to all of these websites? Do they even exist? I used google, and the results are far from satisfactory.

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