The Day I Met El Chapo | Teaser: Conspiracy [HD] | Netflix

The historical encounter between a famous actress and the most wanted drug lord in the world started with at tweet.

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The Day I Met El Chapo | Teaser: Conspiracy [HD] | Netflix

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  1. Pure shit, this is not tv and this is not entertaining. Is incredible that even Netflix tries to milk money by making look criminals like The Chapo as gods and people to admire, they are pure shit.

  2. More bullshit glorifying criminals. I'm glad I cancelled my subscription so my money isn't supporting this propaganda.

  3. First of all americans talking shit about Mexico’s goverment aint shit you have your shitclown okay? Second of all you don’t live here, you think that only because you see Narcos (which btw its in Colombia) you know everything about cartels and violence in Latin America but guess what? You don’t know shit. First of all its not like you go out and they try to kill u I swear to god YOU AINT GONNA SEE A SINGLE NARCO OR SOMEONE IS GOING TO KILL YOU OR SHOOT YOU unless you’re involved like it’s more likely to get shoot at a school in United States than down the street in Mexico but wtvr i guess. Second of all to all the ignorant americans narcotraficantes and cartels “bad hombres” were actually made by CIA lmao literally narcos exist because americans are the ones using and buying all the drugs and we are the ones suffering violence because AMERICANS are the ones selling the guns to play the game they have made us to play. Sadly all this shit is and always have been The united states fault yet lationamerica is their fucking playground and yall call us “bad hombres” Funny how USA is always the main reason why there is violence and conflicts in third world countries but we are called the bad ones HA. And last but not least this woman right here ain’t shit as well ( and NOT because she is a slut or a whore like yall ignorant sexist pigs are saying) this bitch literally had contact with one of the worst criminals because i know yall glamorize narcos and shit but just for the record narcos actually kill, torture, kidnap etc people. REAL PEOPLE. Yet this woman knowing where he is and where to find him didn’t said shit why? because the goverment is corrupt?? BITCH THE FUCK one thing is the goverment is corrupt and other thing is she was hiding an horrible disgusting person yet she wants to get away with it and victimize herself and expect people in Mexico will see her as a good person for being shit as well. i’m fuckn ass done. i’m so embarrased something like this documentary was even bought by netflix. This woman right here is a fucking disgrace how can she even call herself a mexican when she literally betrayed her country. Mexico im so sorry im so sorry that ugly ass bitch would even try and make u look like a fucking joke. Mexico is so much better than her, and the chapo and the corruption. SHE AINT SHIT EL CHAPO AINT SHIT AND USA AINT SHIT ADIOS CABRONES.

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