The Donald Trump Playbook: Invent A Crisis, Deflect, Obscure | Meet The Press | NBC News

After a week in which the president defenders tried to brand a counter-intelligence operation as “spygate,” President Trump turned to his well-worn defensive playbook.
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The President Donald Trump Playbook: Invent A Crisis, Deflect, Obscure | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. To all Spanish speaking people throughout the Americas: Look at what the Brits and israel have done to our people, our children, our right to life and S. America. The American people are the prime victims of the Britis and israeli dope trade in the USA. Look what that human garbage has done to our children, our loved ones, all of our people. Dope is a weapon they are using against all of us including against the USA. The time has come. They have armed forces now in Mexico attacking and murdering those people, pushing toward the USA border. Their armed forces are also combing the mountains in S. America, murdering unarmed Indian people who live there. They are murdering reporters who have been trying to report what is going on. The time has come. Join with us in supporting our President, President Trump. The Brits and israel have deliberately run dope lines onto Indian lands, into our lives, killing our children. The French have joined with them now. Israel is attacking our Police on every front, making them victims of this horrific agenda. We are asking you to join with us in supporting, protecting and defending the President of the United States who is most certainly their target as well. IF they take him down, their major violence will ensue and their people are already positioned. Some are fake christians. Know this. The time has come. Quietly organize. Make our people strong again. Know who the real enemies are. Identify the hidden hands of those horrific evil ones. I speak to you as the Daughter of Thunder and our knowledge is flowing across this land and through the air. The time is now. Stand with President Trump.

  2. Trump didn't invent the crisis! He won a broken country when he won the election! I would not even have ran in an election to win something so broken… However he is making this country great again piece by piece. He knew the corruption of the top 1% in this country… I do believe he is making the money hungry vultures a little nervous now. GOD bless you President Trump! Keep up the good work!

  3. To all REPUBLICANS who so bravely joined with us against the Bushs: Thank you for all you have done and continue to do, to protect and defend the United States of America and President Trump. It's been a long haul for all of us as we squared off and faced impossible odds. But we did it! Our work must continue. The vile are ramping up again. Thank you for everything you are doing and will do.

  4. To all African Americans: You who have faced horrific damage to your lives, your families, the complete destruction of normal life, you stood and stand so bravely, so rightfully in behalf of your families and all Americans and America itself. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us in what seemed to be an impossible task of purging the Bushs and overthrowing fraudulent Courts of Law. Our work continues. Thank you for being there with us.

  5. I'll gladly take 6 1/2 more years of Trump's "lies" over 6 1/2 more years of NBC's/CNN's "truths."

    MAGA 2020!

  6. This is nothing new, trump is following the Adolph Hitler playbook, Hitler burned down the Reichstag, killed all the legislators, blamed it on Communist and had the common German people believe him.

  7. This traitor is so guilty he tells on himself daily. Fox news are just as stupid as Trump. We need people to get out and vote to flip the House and Senate to get rid Trump. Republicans are so corrupt they will never do the right thing for this country. Country over party.

  8. Brilliant playbook created by Roy Cohn; master manipulator, lawyer, creep extraordinaire and Trumps teacher. The world according to Roy Cohn and now he passed the torch onto President Trump. R.I.P Roy! Your protege is commander in Chief…📣
    Shout out to Roy!!

  9. When nothing works? Deflection! Out of Trump's tool box.
    American people are treated like mushrooms. Growing in the dark and fed by manure

  10. The President is The Most Dangerous Bigot Alive / Fox News is his Propaganda Mouthpiece & Mueller is a Patriot

  11. Actual Russian Collusion = Clinton Foundation, DNC and Putin on Uranium One Deal? Trump / Pence 2020!

    Actual Election Intervention = Obama, Hillary and DNC interfering in Putin and Netanyahu elections in Russia and Israel?

    FACT: Trump won 45 of 50 states in 2016 (306 electoral votes of 270 needed) and held Hillary to 5 states (222 electoral votes mostly from CA and NY)? Trump / Pence 2020! Keep America Great! End DEM and MSM Resistance NOW!

  12. NBC and their followers are to stupid to figure out that it's their well worn playbook. It's why their ratings are sitting next to them in the toilet! NBC= News pollution.

  13. "Never let a (manufactured) crisis go to waste"
    — Oboob and Rahm

    Operation Fast & Furious should habs gotton that Marxist demon impeached

  14. Someone drain the comment swamp. It's getting very old. Obama was given a decent presidency. But look at the swamp of comments etc. Maybe tell the president what you would like to see happen that's actually inspiring and or good!

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