The Human Rights Commission’s spokesperson, Gushwell Brooks speaks to The Lead

Convicted racist Vicki Momberg has been sentenced to three years imprisonment – with one year suspended.The former real estate agent was found guilty on four counts of crimen injuria, for hurling racist insults at a Black police officer.

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  1. Calling someone a Kaffir is not racist. It is also not hate speech. ("Being offended" cannot possibly be grounds for finding someone guilty of a criminal offense. Except in states more totalitarian than even Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany. And only if you offended Hitler or Stalin personally). Therefore, this must be pushed all the way to the Constitutional Court, which must surely reject the finding with contempt. I have repeatedly brought true racism and hatespeech to the attention of the Human Rights Commision, as in this:

    I've brought the above instance of Hate Speech (e-mail) to the personal attention of the following people at the Human Rights Commision:
    Ms Lindiwe Khumalo
    Ms Shireen E Motara
    Ms Lulama Duma
    Mr Siyasanga Giyose
    Ms Lindiwe Dlamini
    Mr Isaac Mangena
    Mr Pandelis Gregoriou
    Mr Peter Makaneta
    Ms Alice Price
    Dr Remember Miamingi
    Ms Kisha Candasamy
    Ms Janet Love
    Adv ML Mushwana, Adv
    Ms P Govender

    The Human Rights Commision has done absolutely nothing about that. They are clearly a bunch of biased, incompetent racists themselves, and should be collectively charged with crimes against humanity.

    The magistrate responsible for this obscenity must be fired for bringing the competence of South African courts into disrepute.

  2. well this is religious prosecution and blasphemy law qomwn judge must be arrested for racism and copyright i fragmentation and parasitism and she has extreamaly low iq she uses words inproperly that is low iq this act of terror actually

  3. well this should be terrorist act for police officers and for person which was recording for religious harrasment and fetus like inteligence
    this judge should be prosecuted she must b3fired from work this is religious

  4. Vicki Momberg was verkeerd, maar dit was nie nodig om vir haar tronkstraf op te lê nie; 'n Boete sou voldoende wees. Maar nou is dit asof sy 'n "Krimineel" is. Jy gaan nie tronk toe indien jy, in die openbaar, en voor ander getuies, vir 'n gay of lesbian 'n "moffie" sou noem nie.

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