The Lynch Report Haunts Motorcycle Clubs | Codes and Conspiracies

In 1965, the attorney general of California releases an incendiary report that singled out the Hell’s Angels as a danger to society–a reputation that continues to this day. | For more CODES AND CONSPIRACIES, visit

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Written by lena

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  1. wow….military channel is dead, this shit needs to be tossed out. Reality shows have ruined television channel by channel. OOH RATINGS for stupid shows, LETS CANCEL THE ONES YOU LEARN FROM! OK!!!! /facepalm. And we wonder why people are so damn stupid now a days.

  2. They may have debunked it but a big part of their rebellion in those days was to be as dirty as possible. I know, sounds strange but it's true. The dirtier your vest was the cooler you were. Of course the vest, not the patch. The patch is sacred.πŸ˜†πŸ€˜

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