The SECRET Truth Behind Szechuan Sauce | Rick’s Master Plan | Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

We all know that Rick really wanted Szechuan sauce back, but was there actually a hidden use for it that allowed him to escape from the Federation? Rick and Morty


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  1. but dont you get it, this is why were not getting a season 4, rick said that getting the szechuan dipping sauce was his motivation. we got mcdonalds szechuan mcnugget sauce, and now season 4 hasnt been renewed. coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  2. That was a great idea. But they should have known human memories are not perfect and his memory was too perfect. I know he is a genius but think about it

  3. What he just had brain damage cause when he's ordering the agent tells him that his brain is melting as he's doing the bit about the sauce.

  4. Born 1983. I remember this sauce very well. I also seem to be the only person who remembers McDonald's pulling the sauce and saying it's never coming back. It was a big deal then. People were addicted to it out seemed. And then the left over sauce was tested. And it was straight up poison. So incredibly unhealthy they had to pull it before people could sue. What's out now is a far cry from the original flavor.

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