The Staircase | The Owl Theory | Netflix

There are many theories about what happened to Kathleen Peterson on Dec. 9 2001… including “The Owl Theory.” watch The Staircase, streaming now on Netflix.

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The Staircase | The Owl Theory | Netflix

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  1. the owl theory is right…..she walked in the owl was on the staircase and attacked because it felt threatened entangled in hair she was cut in her head with the talons and then to top it off fell down the stairs with the owl when she pulled the owl off her head she was bleeding all over and the owl left through the backyard door that was opened…that is what I think may have happened. makes sense they did not include the feathers in the series which is kind of f#cked up.

  2. Wtf a owl!! Kill’n me with that BS! He’s guilty period! You don’t get that much blood from a fall!

  3. I watched this documentary in one sitting and this theory nearly let me fell off my chair. Luckily not my stairs. This coincidence with Elizabeth in Germany is just insane. God, in the last scene, Mr. Peterson should have turned to the camera and said: "I hate stairs"

  4. All fire Court and lawyer go to jail.
    Not guilty for that fall accident.
    No guilty for unknown attack.
    It owl u doubt read her hair.

  5. I think he is innocent. Perhaps, it is just me being allured to the way Netflix portrayed his story, and yes ignorance maybe bliss. This is a man who gave up his freedom to be victimized over a murder and, stood by his words for the next 15 years. His kids, family and friends stood by him all the way. I was in awe by his charisma, charms and how he stayed so positive through such injustice that the law had served him.

  6. My immediate reaction to the owl theory was "YES FINALLY IT ALL MAKES SENSE". I don't even understand how so many people can say that the owl theory is laughable just because it's an unorthodox explanation. Shows how narrow-minded the general public is. Obviously the mystery of her death was unorthodox, so why is it so hard to believe? The lacerations on her head and body look exactly like bird claw injuries–not injuries from a homocidal beating or a fall down the stairs.

  7. That was literally the first thing i thought when i saw the wounds on her head, can't believe nobody saw this for so long. That kind of makes the whole documentary obsolete.

  8. IF the micro feathers theory was true thats a done deal, but what kind of person would say there were micro feathers when there was no study about it? thats total bullshit, with what authority does someone make that declaration? and how could it be possible that there were no regular feathers around? she would have fought the bird and some would have come loose. This is so misleading.

  9. Convinced that an owl swooped down as she left pool area & was walking back to house. Maybe she past too close to a tree with an owl nest & owl was threatened. I think it took seconds. I think she reached up to her head as owl attacked which explains head, face, hand injuries. She had been drinking. I think she then continued to go into house with intention to tend to the bleeding not realizing how bad the cuts were. As she walked up steps, gets dizzy & falls back to landing. Coughs up blood & is bleeding out. The cause of death was she bled to death. Michael remained at pool area not knowing or hearing anything. Just because something is hard to believe does not make it false. I really wish this was talked about more in the series. Really was riveted by this doc. Criminal justice needs to be about the truth and not just winning. Lives are being destroyed.

  10. Are any of you familiar with Occam's Razor? When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions.

  11. Really… An owl people!? Did the owl kill his first wife down the stairs too? i swear, people are so gullible.

  12. Which one is more shocking? The fact that somebody could come up with this "owl did it" crazy shit, or the fact that there's imbeciles in this world would actually buy and swallow this load of shit.
    GEEZ! i thought wasn't that smart.

  13. These people are reaching so hard I’m surprised they didn’t mention aliens…Jesus he’s so guilty the fact that the other woman was also found at bottom of stairs and connected to him is all the info you need…coincidence? Have to be Kidding me

  14. This is laughable, I'm not sure what "evidence" is blowing everyone away in the comment section. It's one guy saying the cut looks like an owls foot – which is silly because an owl ripping you with his talons wouldn't resemble a foot anymore than stabbing a human resembles a hand. And another person claiming in her hair there was a feather, well, can we see it? Where is the evidence, that man wasn't connected to the case & would have no knowledge of her autopsy.

    Utter nonsense.

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