The Untold Truth Of Black Panther

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He’s the breakout star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Black Panther is hardly new to superheroics. Since making his debut over 50 years ago, he’s been a part of countless comics adventures, and with that much action, there are bound to be a few odd bits that you’ve missed. Here’s what you don’t know about Black Panther…

The first black comic superhero | 0:16
Introducing … The Coal Tiger? | 1:05
The Panther fights the Klan | 1:55
Good vibranium | 2:34
The Dora Milaje | 3:12
Everett Ross sold his soul for pants | 3:55
The Black Panther movie that wasn’t | 4:50

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  1. All this arguing over a movie when in real life anytime you ask someone about the movie they just say it was super good.

  2. I hope they paid Eddie Murphy some royalties for Black Panther ….. Am I the ONLY one who got a "Coming to America" vibe from this movie …. there seemed to be a lot of Soul Glow going on …. and Wakanda seemed a lot like Zamunda (even sounds the same) …. it's a wealthy advanced country with only black people, everyone is happy and they are cut off from everyone else … when you first see Wakanda and when T'Challa meets his Mom, a version of Queen Aoleon the similarity of the movies really hit me …. I was expecting Oha to pop out and say "BATHERS" or "WIPER" any second …. and where does T'Challa end up ? America ….and even though Prince Akeem didn't say "Bark like a dog" they did it anyway … all it needed was some Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate

  3. The Black Panther was great! Inspirational and action packed. Had great lines in it too. I'm looking forward to seeing the Black Panther 2.

  4. I watched this movie when it first came out!!! Black Panthers sister makes a cheesy joke in the movie!!! The joke is that black Panthers sister makes him shoes that makes no noise and she calls it sneakers!!! I'm literally dying!!!!😂😂😂

  5. Why do white people always have to try and turn the tables and make themselves feel better about the sick truth. Building the very system which deems you the superior race, and all others inferior is the devils work, and then speaking for all races that they all have it good enough. No, you’re white you don’t know hardships or struggles like people of color. As long as it’s not affecting you, you don’t care.There is so much hate and evil in the close-minded racists’ heart, it’s disgusting. But times are changing so the close-minded sheep can stfu and try to learn to think and formulate opinions for themselves instead of following the herd. We are ALL human beings regardless of how anyone sees it, and ironically all descend from African blood. So stay hiding behind your keyboards and spitting racist hate, because you know deep down you’re pieces of shit, and you’ll realize it too late come judgment day. Peace

  6. It's ….cough…the KU Klux Klan, not the KLU Klux Klan as this guy and also Bill (Rhodes Scholar) Clinton say it.

  7. Why did you show wolverine at the vibranium scene? Wolverine has adumantium as metal not vibranium, adumantium is undestructable and vibranium absord energie. But vibranium isnt undestructable.

  8. we need another blade movie, like, idk, old blade can be the mentor to some idk what and shit happens and lots of blood

  9. Blade and Spawn are so much cooler than Black Panther, if only people didn't make everything about politics I would've appreciated the character.

  10. WE are not African, WE are Israel and that's why Michael B Jordan's role was different from Boseman's and the rest of the cast because "THEY" (excluding Angela & Forrest) are pure African and we so called "African Americans" still experience RACISM!!!
    I saw the stupid film only 3 days late, but I saw it, none the less.
    I was very disappointed in Michael's role with all the history we've already been through AND THIS WICKED NATION is still not done with us which is also why BEN CARSON didn't get to be President AND BARACK OBAMA DID THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND EVERYONE ELSE, BUT WE ARE TO BUSY LIKING THE OPPRESSORS AND HATING EACH OTHER ITS TIME TO WAKE UP ISRAEL!

  11. So wait a minute! is this video really saying Black Panther had its real creation at the hands of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, two white guys??

  12. this is African dude not blacks in America got nothin to do with us. Also they took a chicken wing and turned it into a T-Rex. These people been digging all over the world for centuries and really just now finding monsters give me a break, oil and gas ain't no fossil fuel either it's plant based.

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