The Untold Truth Of Trailer Park Boys

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Since it premiered on an obscure Canadian cable channel in 2001, Trailer Park Boys has gone from an underground cult favorite to an international sensation, as audiences around the world warmed to the foul-mouthed antics of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. But how much do you really know about the people behind the show? Here’s a look at the untold truth of Trailer Park Boys…

Almost nobody was a professional | 0:23
Close call | 1:07
Slow burn | 1:57
Smoke free | 2:47
One Last Shot | 3:36
Old lady glasses | 4:06
Angry actors | 4:38
Abuse accusations | 5:40
Burger time | 6:40
It won’t end anytime soon | 7:22

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  1. any real fan that had the first 7 seasons and the documentary knew all this back in the day… the rest is history…. they got their own network…

  2. I met John Dunsworth and he cracked my 26er of Canadian Club, chugged a decent portion and then signed it for me. I still have it. R.i.p John we miss you.

  3. This show and especially the creator of ALL characters of this show is hands down ingenious. Meeting the boys someday is on my bucket list. Mr Lahey IS the liquor. May you RIP bud. Soar high with the shit hawks.

  4. I was at the show in Oakland. Yes we really did get to buy cheeseburgers on the spot. I gave Julian $20 and no I did not get my change. Was it greasy as fuck? Oh yeah. It was a total ripoff but 1) no one forced me to go up on stage and 2) it’s the trailer park boys— they’re supposed to be fucking greasy.

  5. What about the whole Don/Donna situation? I feel like it’s just don dressed up as Donna. But I could be wrong. But what’s the whole issue about that? Reason I’m bringing this up is that on season eight episode five Randy has sex with Donna or I assumed had sex with and I don’t know if it’s just don under the Wig or if that really is Don’s “twin” sister!!!!!! Can someone help me out on answering this question? Is Don really Donna or is that really Don’s twin sister? I know Don is played by I forgot what his name was but I just want to clear things up. Because I cannot imagine that cheeseburger eatin greasy ass Randy having sex with a man although that would be hilarious. But please answer my question. Oh yeah and about Ray a.k.a. Barry Dunn what happened to him? Also is there gonna be one last season dedicated to Jonathan Dunsworth? I feel like there should be one more season. Season 2 being the last

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