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On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss one of the more famous miscarraiges of justice with an Arkansas trio of young men, known as The West Memphis 3, who were convicted of the murders of three boys in the city of West Memphis, served 18 years in prison, and were released after a celebrity star studded campaign for justice allowed them to be set free under a legal technicality.

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Miskelly Jnr were said to have brutally taken the lives of Stevie Branch, Chris Byers and Michael Moore in what was purported to the court to be a satanic paedophile sex ritual. These lads were put through the legal system ringer and evidence and testimony stacked up against them.

With new evidence, reinterviewing of witnesses, multiple documentaries and a concerted public effort to rebalance the scales of justice, the West Memphis 3 were released from prison in 2011. But the question remains, who did kill those three little boys? Fingers are pointed at many people involved closely with the case and even a few mysterious figures. Cormac Moore from the Project 10 podcast joins me to discuss the various theories and how the facts in this case were grossly misrepresented to convict some innocent people.

Presented by Gordo and Cormac Moore

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  1. Put a link up here for the other sites that show yer stuff would prefer to listen there rather than here, fuckin snowflakes

  2. Ahhh lads those documentaries are some of my favourite ever. The creepy stepdad not have killed them, but he surely must have killed someone ?

  3. You guy are fucking great, have only listened to maybe 10 or so of your recent shows but I am hooked. Great stuff, loads of content and the occasional laugh. Have a drink on me via patreon, lads!

  4. Interesting thought about the celebrities stepping in… Brad Pitt's name was just recently dropped again for being a stand up guy during this Harvey Weinstein thing.

    A show about Satanic Panic as a stand alone topic would be awesome! That was an interesting era to live in.

  5. Really cool analysis and I really like the part about the ignorant, impoverished and intentionally kept in the middle ages parts of the USA being afraid of teenagers and the whole media hysteria behind it. Now, when I listen to this, I can see how this witch-hunt is part of this whole process of how power operated and still does, not only state power, to subjugate any last vestiges of resistance and rebelliousness. You can see the link from B-actor Reagan, to the TV narcissist Trump clearly. That is why it is so easy now for late capitalism to descend into another form of fascism. And let's not forget that Pasolini showed us with Salo who actually commits such crimes and paid with his life. And I mean the organized rings, not exactly this case. Redneck/white trash stepfathers are pretty well-known category of abusers.

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