These Amateur Sleuths Think They’ve Found CIA Black-Site Clues At A North Carolina Airport (HBO)

A small group of people in Johnston County NC are investigating their state’s role in the CIA’s torture and rendition program. Last fall, they had a series of public hearings on the subject and on May 7th they’re planning to meet with their commissioners in an effort to compel their county’s very conservative board of commissioners to issue a ban on the use of public resources for rendition or torture, and to publicly acknowledge what they found: that a CIA contractor called Aero operating out of the local county airport, handled some 80% of rendition flights between September 2001 and March 2004.

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  1. They've learned that in the years between 2001 and 2004, that company, Aero Contractors, transported 80 percent of the terror detainees moved around the globe by the CIA as part of a program called extraordinary rendition.
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  2. So the most important thing to her, her most important piece of evidence… were some nice pictures of two random dudes?

  3. So let's say a gang of crazed KKK members kidnapped your family had taped KKK men torturing your family members they demand 1 million dollars you don't have it the government can't get it in time the Nazi demand it by but they do have a high ranking KKK member who knows everything but he won't say shit …. So the police , FBI say it is up to you wether let them torture him to save your family and it will be the only way to save them ??? Is it ok then to do it or will you save your family ….. If anyone say don't do it no don't hurt him is a lying sack of shit , the hate and disgust that democrats and the left spew at the republicans and the right is shamefull and if you can say those things so easy then you are apt to do those things when you must or no one looking …. such self righteousness and virtue signal from such fake sad pathetic people… me hell ya start cutting off fingers till he talks , I would do it not just to save my family's life but any proud patriotic Americans life …….

  4. They will never get anywhere. If they can't prove anything, there is no reason for anyone to release classified information to anyone, as it's all a matter of national security. In matters of national security their town leadership would be under a gag order and it will just be a merry go round of complaining and dismissing complaints.

  5. Honestly what makes this slag think she has any power to do anything. It doesn't concern her, it doesn't affect her so why make an fuss over it.

  6. If they are anti torture advocates,they should swing by abortion clinics…
    Im from NC ,this is TRUMP country!!!

  7. We torture terrorist not kids. If you really want to stop torture start with unborn children who are killed every day.

  8. the moneyed population of and controlling north carolinas politics and population has not changed very much since the civil war under the facade of capitulation.

  9. I just sent the most vitriolic email I've made in a long time to the chairman for these fucks. And they call themselves Americans. They should all be flown to those blacksites, tortured, and killed. That would be a small semblance of justice.

  10. Can you answer a few questions about the horribly mismanaged position your in ? we understand your sleeping with your boss but he is a very smart man and besides Jessie Ventura you appear to be terribly under-qualified to do this job.

  11. Western, white countries.
    The only places in the world where you cant torture your enemies. Not because you shouldn't, but because your enemy says your not allowed despite the very regimes speaking out against the wests "crimes" being the worst perpetrators of said crimes on earth by a long stretch.

  12. Yes we know she did not get to the top by not doing illegal shit when it comes to cia, just look at bush sr.

  13. Even norway is part of this cia shit, cia still keeps on spying on ppl in norway and has ppl hidden away in norway.

  14. These ppl only need to post all the names and pictures of the ppl working with cia at the company in that town, and its likly they will not be voted in again as leaders of the town.

  15. They really expect the government to investigate itself, and come back and say "yes, our investigation shows we are in fact rendering people to your county airport?" I appreciate their shining a light on this but the level of naivete is funny.

  16. Some call it torture while other say enhanced interrogation with these types of programs in place they can use active & upto date intel to intercept hvt an other dangers that arent in the homeland but in nations that have been destabilized thru foreign intervention or civil war. Not to say that something cant happen on u.s. soil but with these programs we have a fight chance to stop them before acts of hate and destruction happen.

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