Thick Arctic Sea Ice Pack Traps Global Warming Expedition & Fishing Vessels (395)

Never seen before amounts of sea ice off Newfoundland recorded by the Canadian Coast Guard trap fishing vessels and stop a global warming expedition of 40 scientists because of hazardous ice conditions.

Thick Arctic ice pack traps multiple vessels

June 18 Sea Ice Extent
Ice Free Arctic Forecasts that never happened
Climate change researchers cancel expedition because of climate change

Climate Change Researchers Forced To Abandon Study Due To Climate Change


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  1. Good news! Highway 120 through Tioga pass going from Nevada into Yosemite National Park is expected to open
    July 31!…………. If the snow melts.

  2. Just read an interesting article translated from Der Speigel . Apparently the average world temperature in 1995 was 15.4c and in 2016 it was an even hotter 14,8c ! Go figure !

  3. Thanks David. When the World starts to starve and people wake up to these global warming fraudsters they better crawl in their spider holes because they will be torn to shreds for their greed and lies.

  4. Appears to me that the Gulf stream & North Atlantic drift is failing. This would typically keep the ice further north.
    Watch for an intense hurricane season folks.

  5. Will the scientists change their opinions because of facts in their face or go into denial? I'm betting on denial.

  6. David, I did the math on if the yellowstone super volcano erupts during the oncoming mini ice age. As you are probably aware the last mini ice age set temperatures on Earth to an average of 1.5 celsius (cold but not ice age worthy). Now what you may have not known is that if yellowstone erupted it would drop Earth's average temperatures world wide by 10 degrees celsius. Now if you subtract 1.5 celsius by 10 degrees celsius you get -8.5 celsius. -8.5 celsius to fahrenheit equals 16.7 degrees. The last big ice age put Earth's temperatures at an average of 33.26 degrees fahrenheit. Are we heading into a Mega Ice Age?

  7. They (Weather people) are still sticking to Al Gore's BS even though evidence shows the very opposite conditions.

  8. what is the weather going to be in the south of the united states come later in the year ? like november & december will it be 95degrees clear and sunny?

  9. and I am here dying because of unseen dry conditions and heat and summer has just started I am going to suffer so bad.

  10. yer off yer heads if you listen to this guy, the highst temp has been broken in maney countries and tomorow in england it will be the hottest since at least 40. plus years, that ice he,s tacking about has been blown out of the artic, do you relise the more likes you give him the more money he makes, just saying

  11. This is truly embarrassing. Does that "sea ice" look healthy to you? This is not what you think it is, or what you claim to think this is, and frankly I kind of think you're a shill at this point because you are so far off the mark it has to be intentional.

  12. +Adapt2030 Ice volume is at it's lowest level. The reason we didnt see more mobile ice in 2012 is because the ice was thicker and polar meanders were less extreme.

    Sea ice volume anomaly plot:

    I'm sure you'll rake in the views and likes *and ad revenue* by offering people what seems to be a plausible mode of denying anthropogenic climate change, but it's a dishonest way to make a living. I do agree with the message that local food self-sufficiency will be increasingly important. If you are okay lying to yourself and others and failing to do scientific investigation correctly, then by all means go on taking advantage of people without sufficient education in science to see though your BS. I see through your BS, even if you yourself cannot.

  13. Hey Dummy, Newfoundland is south of the Arctic. The thick ice is breaking off of the ice cap and moving south, i.e. mini-icebergs. Thus, the ice cap has LESS thick ice and will melt faster.

  14. 21 06 2017 antartica melting in summer,possible total collapse of greenlands glechters ,these are intresting times indeed,maybe next year after the ''winter'' people will start to understand what exponential growth realy means,theres still two months of summer ahead of us. you guys do know all that ice comes from greenland dont ye

  15. Weird. Been there lots of times at different times of the year. Just happens when you fly on a puddle jumper and go from land mass to land mass. That's a lot of ice, if current, a lot more ice than I've ever seen in that area this time of year.

  16. I live in Illinois and there saying that they may not be able to open the schools this fall the Democrats have misused the money available from taxation so bad that we can't even fund the schools. Get this lying democrat commercial off the air. Now that that's out of the way thank you for your story on the ice condition, global warming was always a lie and just another reason to tax business.

  17. Thanks for the update David! I suspect this thick multi year ice was driven south by the 3 week hurricane force storm in the high Arctic that you pointed out and discussed back in April, but the weather networks failed to mention. It is pretty much as you predicted was happening. Hardly attributable to global warming! I wish it was. I'd take warming over cooling for a more stable climate, especially up here on the Ag margins of Canada!

  18. Not kidding that warmist Internet trolls are saying warming caused the ice to move south. (But not melt. Sigh.)

  19. What a crock. My brother lives in Havre St. Pierre. The sea ice once froze solid every winter with people driving their snowmobiiles onto the ocean. Not anymore.
    Moreover, your photos don't show solid ice. Its all broken up. So, this story is utter bullshit.
    Besides, conditions of one small area have nothing to do with overall conditions of the entire Arctic Region.
    You try to mock, but you are too ignorant.

  20. I run the largest network of renewable energy and climate/environmental sites on earth. Pay attention. Global warming? Rising sea levels? Stay calm? Find common ground? Instead, first try drinking good  wine and burn 'em if ya got 'em cause we're fkd. Its 2017; Govts, Corps and ALL journals/lectures/videos/IPCC reports are way behind and near useless. As described at and the main Paris Accord site "EVERY MONTH'S AVG TEMP OF EVERY CITY IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE WILL BEAT THE PREVIOUS MONTH UNTIL WE'RE EXTINCT." Infants won't see age 10, Kids won't see age 20, Grads won't see age 30. When the arctic is ice free this summer 2017, the heat sink is gone, our ICE radiator is bone dry, engine (earth) smokes going from .75 watts/sqM to 2 watts/sqM like taking a 150 oven to 450 and almost instantly abrupt extinction kicks in and everything dies just a few months, perhaps weeks or even a few days thereafter, as explained at the main Paris Accord website We'll all be gone in just a year or 2, probably less. Fossil fuel and nuclear advocates have put profits over people and our planet because we let them do it. They bribed us with $2-$3/gallon gas and then bribed Norwegians, "the happiest folks on earth" with an oil trust fund. We absolutely deserve to reap what we've sowed;  death, destruction, torture, war crimes, and a total disregard for any life anywhere. Its game over for all life on earth when 1,600 nuclear facilities worldwide malfunction and spew radioactive gas. Trump, Russia, ISIS, Iran, Muslims, Gaza, Chavez, Cuba; red hot topics a decade ago mean absolutely nothing when measured against the harsh reality of extinction likely before the 2018 election or at best, while its taking place. We are a truely insane species, especially American voters, politicians, businessmen and yes…consumers too. We are, after all, a nation who elected and tolerate Trump. Our nation condones blowing the arm off our own cute college kids simply sledding down a hill; i.e. Sophia Wilansky. We condone genocide in Gaza. We condone bombing Syrian civilians and we trained our own kids to create millions of orphans as we steal Iraqi oil, and now oil in Yemen. We allowed a nice Muslim teenage girl in Seattle to be murdered, and condone a police officer shooting a black saint who worked with children in America, and its why we are all going extinct. Here is Congress ignoring it Obviously the problem is while each of these issues is critically important to obtaining SANE govt., we lack both the morals and the IQ, let alone the focus and resolve to fix the immediate crisis humanity and all life on earth faces today. Why bother with social and geo-polotical issues of such low priority when there will be no winter and December will be hotter than July? When abrupt extinction kicks in and everything dies just a few months, perhaps weeks or even a few days thereafter, as explained at the main Paris Accord website we'll all be gone in just a year or 2, probably less. We absolutely deserve to reap what we've sowed. sums up our modern psycho-Nero who can't even play fiddle while the world burns. Now then; my glass of wine is half empty; fill 'er up, take a rip, and pass that thing kiddies and enjoy these and and  and when you're done, get together and recall any/every politician who refuses to support fast-track snap elections. That step alone will change the rules of the game, but since nature is in a catastrophic change of state and we'll be extinct long before we complete the millions of work orders reqd to fix this mess, I leave the solution to someone wiser to implement some of these ideas before we're toast. Here are some promising low cost ways that researchers are finding to quickly slow and reverse the atmospheric CO2 problem.  1. In 2007-2009 We – NASA, STANFORD, GENENTECH, WHITE SANDS MISSILE/HYDRAZINE SCIENTISTS/ENGINEERS/ARMY CORPS OF ENGRS – developed energy storage systems for wind and solar that has yet to be embraced despite still being more cost-effective/profitable than anything since. 2. We developed methods to turn existing coal-fired plants into zero emission facilities, yet we still shutter old plants. 3. We developed power transmission at 1/8th the cost per mw mile. 4. We developed zero emission, zero carbon footprint  desalination that produces no offshore dead zones. 5. A car that powers your home at night. 6. Better wind turbine blades which 10 years later after laughing at us, GE now uses. 7. Better solar power which could be Made in USA. 8. COOLER metro centers; critical to defeat global warming. 9. Better zero emission electric cars with longer times between stops, faster 0-60 times and no lithium issues. 10. Zero emission power generation without wind or solar, geothermal or hydro-electric. A decade later, no reply from Obama, Trump, financiers or the hot shots in Silicon Valley. Even Bill Gates, Musk, Branson, Ellison and many others appear simply deaf. 11. We developed cost-effective technology to reclaim pristine water from hazmat streams and aquifers. 12. Higher yields for farmers without pesticides. 13. Wind farms that pay down debt in 5-7 years instead of 15-20. And others have developed…Stratospheric Geoengineering With Limestone, Not Sulfates. Geoengineering to cool the Earth with global cooling sulfates has a bad reputation and is widely believed to make acid rain and ocean acidity much worse. This is a good guess as lower atmospheric sulfate emissions have historically created serious problems with acid rain and ocean acidity. The geoengineering technology, however, uses 100 times less sulfate than we are emitting today, and injects it into the stratosphere above 50,000 feet where it works literally 100 times better than in the lower atmosphere. However, sulfate eats ozone and so far, we are pretty sure that this relationship would not be a good thing. A team from Harvard led by David Keith published a study about using calcite (calcium carbonate or limestone) to cool the Earth. This class of alkaline metal salts results in similar cooling to sulfates—with a big difference. The minute amount of stratospheric injection of calcite not only cooled our atmosphere markedly, it increased stratospheric ozone (instead of depleting it). Costs for an operation that uses calcite for cooling are fantastically low compared to direct atmospheric removal of carbon dioxide, which itself is dramatically less expensive than the cost of emissions reductions. Calcite dust in our atmosphere is deposited naturally across the globe at a rate that is 10 to 1,000 times greater than the amount of calcite that would be needed to cool the Earth. It's also very important to note that geoengineering is not a substitute for evolving global energy generation to alternatives other than fossil fuels. The fossil fuel era The fossil fuel era was an extraordinary time that allowed our civilization to mature. Now that we have discovered much cleaner, cheaper and less impactful ways to generate our energy, the sooner we ditch fossil fuels the better. Sequestration Through Mineralization: Faster Than Previously Understood. A field demonstration, published by a cast of 18 scientists in Iceland, the U.S., Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands, has shown rapid CO2 storage (sequestration) through permanent mineralization at the CarbFix site in Iceland. The project injected CO2 into basaltic rocks at a depth of 1800 feet and observed mineralization—the chemical conversion of CO2 into stable metal salts like calcium carbonate. This process has been known for quite some time but now a field evaluation has shown it to happen in less than two years, instead of the hundreds of thousands of years previously projected. This short duration mineralization vastly reduces the risk to atmospheric leakage and compromise of aquifers. Carbon Capture Using Fuel Cells Generates More Net Energy. This one is particularly astonishing: carbon dioxide removal from coal generation flue gas can be accomplished with the addition of existing fuel cell technology to the coal electricity generation process. This private technology, partnering with Exxon (white paper) showed removal of 90 percent of CO2 and 70 percent of smog-producing pollutants. Most surprisingly, the process generates excess energy and water as byproducts instead of requiring additional energy. The total generation with the combined processes is 180 percent of the generation that would come from the coal alone.

  21. You're such a genius; why was the ice surface area, thickness/volume breaking records and trapping vessels in that area in a year of an ice free arctic summer? Explain it please.

  22. 10,000 years ago the location I live in Ohio was covered by thick glacial ice that was starting to melt………must of been all those cavemen driving their SUVs causing increasing CO2 to melt the glaciers back then.

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