Top 10 BIGGEST YouTube Conspiracy Theories (YouTubers, SSNIPERWOLF, Jake Paul)

Top 10 BIGGEST YouTube Conspiracy Theories (YouTubers, SSNIPERWOLF, Jake Paul)

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory these days, and you can basically find these wild theories cropping up all through history in all kinds of weird ways. They range from William Shakespeare actually being a woman to the better-known Bush did 9/11, with things like the Roswell crash, Marilyn Monroe being murdered by the Kennedys and Hitler still being alive coming in between. Even our favourite websites aren’t safe from speculation. Watch this video to find out the top 10 biggest YouTube conspiracy theories.

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  1. How is the SSsniperworf thing even a conspiracy. So many people use the ps4 controllers on their ps3s. wth was that. Thats not even a conspiracy almost everyone rather ps4 controllers.

  2. The light on the back of the PS4 controller and plugged into a PS3 it never comes on. I did that before and know the light doesn't come on.

  3. 3:35 i believe some team 10 people jokingly said to people outside the team 10 house they should loosen the bolts of the wheels. logan filmed it. and later that day the bolts were loosened

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  5. These are not conspiracy theories. Not even close. These are scandals or dramatic events but nothing even REMOTELY CLOSE to conspiracy theories! And the title says '10' but there was 8….. things like this are just mistakes but they happen often on this channel and it's really unprofessional.

  6. this is harry ??he is homeless and has no money

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