Top 10 Conspiracies Hidden in Secret on Dollar Bills

The US dollar is the most used currency in the world and its complex symbolism has people to believe that it hides illuminati messages & conspiracies. If you enjoyed our ‘Secret Hidden Symbols in US dollars’ then prepare yourself for these top 10 dollar bill conspiracy theories list.
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Be Amazed at the hidden imagery and conspiracies though portrayed on US dollars. This group is known as the Illuminati and their ultimate goal is said to be creating and ruling over a malevolent ‘New World Order’. They’ve become so confident in their ability to create this ‘New World Order’ that they have even taken to advertising it on US currency. The $1 bill has many depictions of the number 13 on the back of it. But apparently these images have nothing to do with the original 13 colonies that rebelled from the British and formed the United States of America, as those pesky historians claim. In Fritz Springmeier’s book Bloodlines of the Illuminati he explains that the number 13 on the $1 bill actually represents the 13 bloodlines that make up the families of the Illuminati. These bloodlines carry the names of some of the wealthiest families in the modern world, such as Dupont, Kennedy, Onassis and Rockefeller. Springmeier believes the 13 steps represents one of these families that contributes to the Illuminati’s demonic world domination. If you watched our previous video, ‘Secret Hidden Symbols on US Dollars’, you’ll be aware of the tiny owl that certain keen-sighted people claim to be able to see on the front of the $1 bill. Rather than explaining it as a trick of the eye, however, some conspiracy theorists colour the owl with a pretty fantastic story. Used as a symbol of wisdom since ancient times and incorporated as such in Freemasonry, the owl also had a more dastardly meaning as the symbol of the dreaded Biblical ‘Lilith’.

Feathers and Freemasonry – Writing in Masonry in Texas James D. Carter pointed out that the Eagle on the Great Seal has a different number of feathers on each wing. According to Carter, this seemingly innocuous fact is actually a blatant allusion to the role the Freemasons played in the foundation and continued influence of the United States on the rest of the world. In his book, Carter alsopoints to the eagle’s 9 featherson the $1 bill, which he claims denote the number of chapters in the York or American branch of Freemasonry. Originally, the ‘Greater’ and ‘Lesser’ seals made up a small disk that was attached to the bottom of important documents. It was Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace who showed the then President Roosevelt the Lesser Seal and suggested a coin be made to make use of that side too.

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  1. did anyone else notice that all of the conspirators this video showed were all old white guys, lol, I think I'm noticing a pattern. ?

  2. Please, these can’t be real. A dollar bill can not contain all of this. Honestly, who puts their time and effort into this bull crap?

  3. My brain hurts from this idiocy I mean really people are just looking for something new to do and possibly freak 75% of people out and the folding bills that's called origami people not prophecies

  4. Also the year in Roman numerals on the pyramid of the illuminati is the year 1776, the same year Adam Weishaupt founded the illuminati

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  6. Be Amazed:the dollar is the world's most used curency
    me:we can do with out money it's the root of all evil it destroyed god's great plan

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