Top 10 Craziest Conspiracy Theories About the ILLUMINATI

Top 10 Craziest Conspiracy Theories About the ILLUMINATI // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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There are a lot of illuminati theories out there: whether it’s about secret Illuminati messages in Disney movies, that the world is run by humanoid Reptilians, or that the Illuminati killed Kennedy, conspiracies about this secret society abound. WatchMojo counts down ten of the weirdest Illuminati conspiracy theories.

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00:33 #10: The Rothschild Family Founded Them
01:29 #9: They Orchestrated Watergate
02:26 #8: Chemtrails Are Their Doing
03:14 #7: Disney Films Contain Secret Messages from Them
04:01 #6: They’re Extraterrestrial Reptilian Humanoids
05:04 #5: They Run the Entertainment Industry
05:43 #4: They Assassinated John F. Kennedy
06:46 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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Written by lena

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  1. In G-d we Trust
    The Federal Reserve Rothschild central bank subverts Article 1 Sec 8 and 10 Dec 23, 1913
    "All US debt must be paid in physical gold coin"

  2. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
    Masons and Zionists conspire to :
    1) Destroy the Christian Family unit (Done)
    2) Establish a world wide police state (Done)

  3. Outside: a thump*
    Me: what was that
    Conspiracy theorist: Illuminati
    Me: why dose everything be about the Illuminati with you

  4. the real illuminati is not an organisation,but an alien force that visited earth before humans were created.

  5. I dunno if the Masons or Illuminati or Reptile race are in control and trying to brainwash us, but what I do know is that the ones in control love one thing, and that is money. Doesn't matter what happens or what they must do to keep it flowing into their pockets, they will do anything for it.

    And so, the world will continue to be in chaos, because everyone knows chaos brings in money. With them in control, world peace will never exist.

  6. LOL! People are just crazy! They think EVERY celebrity is Illuminati and that they rule the whole world and that they like threaten to kill families of the celebrities if they don't do what they want them to. That's the biggest joke I've heard in my whole life!

  7. I just think the American government is the illuminati really.. They are gunna do whatever they want to do.. And it's nothing we all can do about it.. Just think about it this mess been going on for years and it's not going to stop now.. STAY WOKE PEOPLE ?

  8. it's a fad it's a culture it's something that people flock to something that is very popular the Illuminati

  9. So Power organizations never lie? Completely transparent. Okay Watchmojo, you're on the case, great work. We don't even have to think now thanks to this list. By the way #8 is documented and admitted, but we'll just ignore that. I don't remember 5 hour contrails decades ago, but nevermind. Totally No records of the OSS/CIA embedded in Hollywood & music. It's all about talent. And nobody saw the dick on the Little Mermaid poster either.

  10. I don't believe any of these theories, but even I still think you have to be a dimwit to think 9/11 happened the way the official report says it did. WAY too many things don't make sense.

  11. my Venus allen I want join but I hate stinking white pig's and Mexican bastards address 1005 Martin Luther King Dr Donaldville

  12. What I don't get is how these conspiracy theory videos aren't getting any likes (1k likes, 730+ comments) like why don't people understand that this could be real and you need to know this.

  13. Iluminati, they are so secret, everyone knows about it, and they are so powerful they can kill anyone who talks about them, except the youtubers of course.

  14. i knew there would be asleep people here who belive in democracy, that mainstream fake media tell the truth and that muslims created al qaeda and isis and do "terrrorattacks" i was right…

  15. I didn't even watch this whole thing but all the ones I did watch are true. Trivializing this is no joking matter I am a published author and expert on the Illuminati and these people are behind the French Revolution, Russian Revolution and both World Wars and now trying to destroy the white race because we don't make good slaves under communism which they were also behind. They are sick psychopaths that rape and murder children and literally want a future like Stargate where they are worshiped as God Kings and they have nearly completed their totalitarian grip on the entire world. See you in September, in 2 weeks the biblical tribulations are about to begin

  16. Dear dumbass loser ass and crack head ass idiots who believe in the Illuminati grow the fuck up and pack up from yo ugly mamas basement find a real job and go back to school and quit hating on these innocent celebrities what have they ever done to YOU PEOPLE Huh the reason all of YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING THESE THEORIES UP because y’all retards need to quit think out of your assholes and shits for brains and just fucking grow up what’s the whole point of this jealousy behavior these celebrities actors musicians etc are like us human being they are not perfect they been thru a lot of bullshit in there life then finally after all theses years they change there lives for the better they worked very hard to be where there at today and now just because there rich and famous it does not mean there devil worshippers but there not at all all of YOU PEOPLE CAN JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A REAL LIFE INSTEAD OF BEING FUCKING JEALOUS YOU RETARDED PIECES OF SHIT ALL YALLS NEED TO MOVE ON AND FORGET WHAT HAPPENS IN THE PAST MOVE ON FOWARD AND MAKE A BRIGHTER FUTURE MAYBE SOMEDAY IF ONE OF YALL LAZY NIGGAS CAN JUST TRY SOMETHING FOR ONCE LIKE WORKING HARD PUT YOUR HEART AND PUT YOUR MIND TO IT LIKE TRYING TO GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN AND GRADUATE THE MORE YOU EDUCATE YOURSELFS THE MORE OPPORTUNITY THERES GOING TO BE MORE OF YOU PEOPLE WILL HAVE  A SUCCESSFUL FUTURES IF YOU GUYS GIVE SOMETHING A CHANCE YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM AND MAKE THEM COME TRUE BY THEY QUIT THINKING NEGATIVE EVERYBODY

  17. pewdiepie: help me pls i'm running out of ideas
    watchmojo: hahaha
    watchmojo: hahaha…
    watchmojo: …..
    watchmojo: yeah….
    watchmojo: hold my beer

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