Top 10 Creepy Celebrity Suicide Conspiracy Theories

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Suicide is a sad reality that even reaches into the world of celebrity. But, not everyone believes that these celebrities who committed suicide actually killed themselves. Kurt Cobain was one of the biggest artist at the time of his reported suicide, but he is an example of one of the biggest celebrity suicide conspiracies that just won’t go away, considering people believe that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

00:30 #10. The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams
01:37 #9. Hunter S. Thompson Was Murdered as a 9/1CoverUp
02:29 #8. The Clintons Killed Vince Foster
03:17 #7. Avril Lavigne Committed Suicide in 2003
04:15 #6. Elliott Smith Was Murdered by His Girlfriend
05:10 #5. Kung Fu Assassins Killed David Carradine
05:59 #4. Kevin Sullivan Killed Chris Benoit & His Family
06:54 #3, #2. & #1. ????

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  1. Marilyn facts missed. A Gardner saw Marilyn fully dressed dead body in the guest house. Kennedy's brother in law was given a speeding ticket just blocks away from her house and the call to Her house from Robert Kenedy asking is "she dead yet?"

  2. Watch Soaked in Bleach. Courtney totally had Kurt killed because he was about to dump her. And Hitler clearly escaped to South America. The photo of his dead body was a body double. Hitler had dozens of them.

  3. Why the hell do I watch this shit when all it does is make me lose faith in all of humankind to a depressing degree? Not to mention that anyone with an elementary knowledge of human psychology knows that Cobain, Thompson and Williams fit the profile of a depressed, suicidal individual as much as anyone who's ever committed the act.

  4. The Clintons' had Vince Foster killed. Hillary ordered the death of Seth Rich because he was the LEAKER.
    Not an unhinged conspiracy..just common-sense.

  5. Monroe had a barbiturate-laced suppository in her rectum. She was angry that Bobby AND Jack were cutting her loose and she threatened to go public. The Kennedy's were as evil as the Clintons.

  6. No one actually dies naturally…the Illuminati kills everyone haha…and no…Advil's debut has nothing to do with punk whatsoever.

  7. I absolutely HATE the Avril conspiracy theory. The person who actually made this theory confessed they made it up ?

  8. If there is one thing i know its how much herion a person can take and still function. Tolerance is real very very very real. Kirt cobain was definitly able to be awake for this he was a long time junkie with a huge wad of cash he probably didnt get out of bed for at least a gram of tar. Just saying its very very possible and you people would know unless youve lived through that kind of life. Its hard and i dont blame him its easier than trying to get clean if i had a gun back then i wuda done the same shit

  9. It's impossible to stab yourself in the chest twice with no hesitation. How are people so stupid to think that one could.

  10. Don't know avril lavigne, but record companies make WAY more money out of confirmed dead singers than of live ones, even avril would have made more money faking death, than live, in the quick 2.7 year period, it just doesn't make adhesive sense…i think maybe we can make videos about how avril is alive and not dead, since this seems like the more sensible story.

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