Trouble In Paradise: Maldives Crises Lock China & India In Tog-Of-War

The Maldives is a tiny paradise nation, with a population of 400,000 and 10 times more sea than land. It’s also a focus in the rivalry between China and India, whose total populations comprise a third of all people in the world.
The Maldives has been divided by a political crisis, with each of the two sides calling on one of their big neighbors for help. Both India and China have a vested strategic interest in the archipelago

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Written by lena

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  1. Beautiful nation, Maldives is it's own country and nowhere near China. However its a very strict Muslim country with 0 tolerance for other religions. It's one of the worst in the world as far as religious rights. But a very beautiful area. India and China need to leave this place alone, their both shithole countries, and would just destroy it,look at their countries. Pollution, corruption.

  2. People so Stagnant and stupid it's ridiculous. Ion understand how tf people got the truth in they face and still stuck in a box. Fuck people. Go illumaniti

  3. sigh nice. Now the Chinese are acting like everyone in the world has accused the US of acting for the last 200 years. Not that we haven't acted poorly, but some of it is exaggerated. We're seeing the rise of China to replace the US on the world stage. They're undercutting the dollar, taking steps to expand their horizons/zone of influence, grabbing up resources, making strides in technology (they've sent probes to the Moon and have even suggested they will send people. Not exactly the highest tech thing, but it's something people like and will capture their imaginations), etc. Building their empire. Possibly it won't last long, possibly they'll expand too much and get too big to maintain. But it could get nasty quick, fast, and in a hurry. Just as the US is legitimately starting to collapse. Our debt problems are only going to be held off for so much longer, societal collapse is being engineered by some parties…. Prepare yourself accordingly.

  4. I think we need to remember that Rothschild runs the national banks in every country on earth, except for Iran, N.K., Syria, Russia, & (i think) Hungary, recently.

    Nation states, unwitting (or heavily deceived) people, corporations, NGO's, & even children will be utilized to push the NWO agenda, guised as something benevolent, & likely named something that's also cruelly ironic.
    These psychos love to weaponize our decencies & perceptions against us.
    Try to consider this notion, at all times!
    (But most importantly, we must not dehumanize anybody, except for the cabal. Their dupes are human, too.)
    We must find ways to reach them, without allowing ourselves to be too monsterous, as we try to describe the scum of earth to good people..

  5. Look in to Pakistan and India ,there building up forces on booths sides there to ,who is the primemister of India talking to?.Thx lol

  6. Great again! Another brief video of good information, I personally think China is nothing to mess with. They sell orange chicken for $1.29 dammit don’t fuck with the Chinese!

  7. Lol The Falklands is nowhere near the United Kingdom
    And even if China nuke India total obliterate it there are plenty of Indians round the whole place we wouldn't notice the difference or is that the plan

  8. did "they" take down your Mt. Herman viddie? That was a great piece… and I was looking for it to share with a friend of mine but it appears to be gone.

    Either way… thanks for all your hard work Dahboo. You're a great help in this dark time, to myself and countless others.

  9. Killary owns a mansion there – I'd hoped the trumpster would've confiscated it by now to help pay off the debt she helped run up but there's no evidence for that yet.  The Maldives were Indian owned, then a muslim bought them – India is now more muslim than Hindu.  🙁  I find it hard to believe that China would support the muslim side.

  10. The Maldives are completely Islamic mus-lim. White Christians pressured Saudi Arabia & other Mid East mus-lim countries to stop their slave trade in the 1970's, but the Maldives (and Mauranthia) never stopped.They sell Blacks as slaves in their market places today. Mus-lim doctrine is dat Black folk can only become an inferior mus-lim by being adopted as a slave or servant to a Mid East or Arab mus-lim :.

  11. The mus-lim are trying to do a coup to get back in control of the Govt. The Bush CIA Clinton Crime Family (includes Obama) has made assassination attempts and do a coup to overthrow the USA citizens President Trump for over a year, and they did stage a coup by kylling President JFK in the 60's. How about reporting on that. :.

  12. Commie Chinks want to open a shipping channel that connects the Indian sea and the Golf of Thailand in Malaysia , this is part of their OBOR plan…….that's why commie Chinks' navy is provoking India in the Andaman – sea right now and Chinks Hua Nan agents are causing political unrest in the Indians islands of Maldives.

  13. War is population control. Two countries with huge populations, oligarchs, poor people by the millions, you can see it now can't you.

  14. Shit boy….usa imperial poison slave!!! innocent satanik voice….trying to create rivality between china and india!!! satanik soul,satanik slave…devil poisoner!!!go home go hell sun of a satan bitch!!!

  15. is it close to the ISLAND OF SHAME where the Brits TOOK aborigens OUT of their land and DUMP them somewhere else ? the ones that stayed were SUICIDED and it rents it out to a Crooked SOCIALIST nation …..

  16. when u talk about alot of different fear born type stuff. u might be right one day on one. so u can can say, see I was right. so believe me uknow it all. stop it lol

  17. Really, what's the big issue here? Okay we're in comments so here's my 2-cents: Wake up people! China is becoming the dominant nation! It's a bitter pill to swallow for Americans but our elected government has lost the chess game.

  18. It is about money laundering. Maldives are big washing machine for black money from China,Malaysia,Indonesia.. and more

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