Trump administration continues North Korea negotiations

Could a Trump-Kim summit take place after all? Reaction and analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Stars.

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Written by lena

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  1. l
    Libtards, omg Trump is going to start a nuclear war, omg Trump is pulling out of talks and going to start a nuclear war, omg it's back on and he is going to get played AND start a nuclear war.

  2. Distractions distractions distractions. Folks, keep your eyes 👀 on islam…….the single greatest threat to America. 9/11/01 NEVER FORGET 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Do they want Trump to call Kim Jong an asshole so we can have a nuclear holocaust? I mean what's with all this bs MSM bitching and moaning?

  4. You give them defense. They will give up their offensive capability to create better Korea for the future of United States of America.
    Give them capability that in time of war. They could defend themselves from the next administration or those who borders them.
    No money should be involved in this deal.
    Give them investors. Give them food clothes building materials give them things that builds North Korea not corrupt it. You can’t do that. There will be time America instead of going north they will be going far very Far East.
    To obtain upper hand in the mind of military leaders. Is to allows push forward not backward. China destroyed North Korea by falsely accusing America to be bad for North Korea. China made North Korea the way they are today. Kim is not blind. China only your friend if you show them money . They are the biggest threat for peace in this world. Everything they do. There’s bad purpose to their agendas never good.

  5. Corrupt Trump and his minions broke into deposition from FBI to House. Time to call for impeachment. Clearly Trumps lawyer and Chief of Staff have crossed a legal and ethical line in order to find what Mueller knows, without any doubt. This sets up impeachment of president because only someone who is guilty would do that. And every lawyer and Judge knows this. Trumps lawyer will face ethics violation charges as well a Chief of Staff Kelly. Collusion, Conspiracy, Corruption, Obstruction and Treason. They are all going down. Goodbye and good riddance.

  6. OMG, unpredictability is absolutely necessary in some situations and Trump knows that better than these pundits. With the Democrats and anti-Trumpers; if Trump were to say that he likes ice-cream their talking points and headlines might read; Trump likes ice-cream for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  7. These talking heads have no idea what negotiatian is. I bet they all went into new car dealerships, paid full sticker price, then bitched about it.

  8. Folks sure have a lot of advice for President Trump when he's come closer than anybody else to make peace on the Korean peninsula.. And it looks like from here that everybody in DC, & in the lying mainstream media, are purposely working to sabotage the meeting between Potus, & Kim.
    President Trump, and just a handful of Conservatives are all we have left in DC who love America. The rest of them have sold out. They plot wars to sell war machines, and they're busting a gut to disarm all law abiding citizens.
    We The People are standing in the way of them shredding our Constitution, opening our borders, and enslaving us, and the entire world. Power, Greed, and Control is all the swamp and their hellhounds breathe.

  9. Experts who do not understand Trump, when has he every been wrong, he appears to know the game better then experts

  10. These talking heads who speak as if they were expert negotiators, yet have never negotiated anything of substance… make me laugh.

  11. everyone has a book. Can,t wait to read the next Trump book.
    they forgot to mention in this news clip that the experts put us over 200000000000 dollars in debt.

  12. the left wing's stance about the potential cancellation of the summit is disgraceful, it is align with the Iranian regime fishy stance !
    both the Iranians & the left wing can't afford to see the international community enters in political negotiations that leads to denuclairization of Korean peninsula !

  13. John F. Kennedy Speeche

  14. Well to be fair what did they expect from Chief know-it-all K. Tumulty? She's from the Washington Compost after all, and as we all know… FAKE NEWS!

  15. Trump should give whatever Kim Jong UN wants. And watch Korea be more peaceful and eventually Ki. Jong UN will dismantle his nuke because he have no use of it. I suspect Kim Jong UN already decided to part his nuclear weapons because he have no use of nuclear weapons and just trying to prove to the world they are capable building powerful bombs and powerful rockets . If Kim want to impress the world I recommend he develop space program like building a spacestation.

  16. It's so funny watching journalists and pundits talking about something I knew nothing about a short time ago, I now understand so much better than they do. No, you're all wrong, the meeting will happen and South Korea are not shocked. The deal with North Korea has already been made. This was a genius setup by the Troll-in-Chielf to bait the media into doing what they just did. LOL!!! I'm really starting to enjoy this 🙂

  17. Nort and South Korea have their negotiations, Trump was never even invited !!

    Koreans have respect for each others, trumpet doesn't even know the meaning of the word, he opens his mouth only to lie, AND to glorify his sweet self.

  18. If these liberals no so much about how this should be done why after all these years are we still in this horrible mess?

  19. Its stupid people like these demorats that start wars. Stupid!!! You want to make a deal and create peace you do not do it by calling your opponent a mean evil person. So fucking stupid these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. While American Media and politicians gave President Trump Grief and ridicule, Kim got off the fence and met with Moon overnight while we slept…

    Our President Trump must be doing something right!

  21. Trump is a champ. He is a strategist. He is a global sympathizer who will not surrender to tyranny. So gifted so misrepresented by the media. The POTUS has a clear message, if you’re not serious North Korea you will NOT get audience with me. NK response uh we are serious sir seriously. Only time will tell. Pompeo is a great resource. SK knows their northern brother, they are not shocked.

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