Trump Just Put A Big Pharma CEO In Charge Of Americans’ Health

Alex Azar, the former President of the drug company Eli Lilly, was just confirmed by the Senate to be the new head of the Department of Health And Human Services. Trump’s appointment of Azar proves that he cares more about industry than he does about public safety, and we’re about to witness the same level of corporate cronyism that we saw during the Bush years. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what this means for the health of citizens in the United States.
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By a vote of 55 to 43, in the United States Senate, a man named Alex Azar was appointed as the new head of Health and Human Services. This is a guy that was appointed by Donald Trump, approved by the Senate, so he is in the new head of Health and Human Services.

Here’s the thing about Alex Azar. Before he came to be the head of Health and Human Services, he was also the president of the pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lily. Now, he gets to oversee a department that is partially in charge of pharmaceuticals, here, in the United States. Now, he also served in the HHS during George W. Bush’s term. He left there, went to Eli Lily, made as much money as possible, now he’s back and he’s running the Health and Human Services Committee.

Now, before we get into how horrible and stupid this is, let’s take a minute to talk about that vote again, 55 to 43 confirmed him. Six Democrats defected and voted with the Republican, one of those being new found … newly seated, I should say, Senator Doug Jones from the state of Alabama, who, if you remember, I told you several times is going to be a very corporate Democrat. For all of those in this area who got to see his campaign ads on TV constantly, it was very clear he was going to be a guy that was not going to vote with Democrats 100% of the time. Nonetheless, Doug Jones, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, and a few others voted to confirm Azar, which pushed him over the threshold to be able to be confirmed. Had all of them defected and voted with the Democrats, who understood how dangerous this was, this man wouldn’t’ve been confirmed, his nomination would’ve been tossed.

Instead, we get this former Eli Lily president as head of Health and Human Services. Now, in case you’re not familiar HHS is a $1 trillion department that oversees major health insurance programs, drug and food safety, disease control and prevention, and advanced medical research. Doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of thing we want a guy with close ties to the pharmaceutical industry to be in charge of, does it? Unfortunately, this is exactly what we saw during the George W. Bush administration, where members of the pharmaceutical industry, CEOs, presidents, became the heads of industries like … or agencies, I should say, but they basically turned them into industries, like the FDA and HHS.

What happened during those years? We saw a flurry of dangerous drugs make it onto the market, because the FDA was in the pocket of Big Pharma, because HHS was in the pocket of Big Pharma. How many massive pandemics did we have during the Bush years? Think about that? That’s all from HHS spreading fear about diseases and telling us we all need to go out and get the latest immunizations out there. There was bird flu, there was swine flu, there was every other flu you could imagine. That’s what happens. Public fear and public panic about health problems raises the profits of pharmaceutical companies, and that’s what we’re going to see under Azar’s leadership at Health and Human Services. Those six Democrats, who defected to vote him into office, are just as responsible for his reign that’s coming up as Donald Trump and the Republicans.

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  1. Great. Big Pharma started the opiate addiction crisis so now they can gain an even stronger upper hand by having a sleazy dirtbag on the inside to keep killing off more and more people. trump has to keep those big money donor's happy.

  2. I'm normally a fan of much of Ring of Fire's material, but this video is way off-the-mark. Much of the anti-pharmaceutical sentiment in the West is driven by the so-called "alternative medicine industry." Pharmaceutical drugs are science-based, evidence based products, and they are only forms of medicine which work. Calling pharmaceutical drugs "dangerous" just demonstrates ignorance of science and medicine. Most people who distrust science-based medicine are consumers of quack treatments like Herbs, and Homeopathy. Please read the wealth of material about alternative medicine on Skeptic websites. Quack-Watch is a great website, for instance.

  3. I doubt you will see any of them after the mid-terms. Also, all man made medicine is poison. Wake up people, natural remedies work better and have hardly any side affects.

  4. Is this any surprise? Every person trump had nominated seem to have a grudge about the place they had been chosen for

  5. Credit where credit is due. Without the 7 Democrats below, Azar's nomination, which passed 55-43, would have been defeated. Did I nod off when Cousins pointed that out?

    Carper (D-DE)
    Coons (D-DE)
    Donnelly (D-IN)
    Heitkamp (D-ND)
    Jones (D-AL)
    King (I-ME)
    Manchin (D-WV)

  6. Another step in dismantling the state that we all (globally) depend upon if we are to believe in the "society" that we grew up in. It's the same shit Thatcher and every Tory government in the U.K has been trying to do for decades. I have great hope that all this chaos and nastiness that your country, ours and many European states are enduring is simply serving in the long run to make all the young voters finally engage and realise this system is NOT working and is run by an out of touch elite with dreams of what life used to be in their fictional visions of a better past. It may be of no benefit in our lifetime but I sincerely believe all this reprehensible ** is serving our society in the long run. In the meantime I may drink myself to death <33333 (why am I even getting involved in YouTube comments :DDD)

  7. Thanks, stupid ass Fox Noise viewers. Thanks a whole lot. Say, rather than shoot yourselves in the foot next election, can you please shoot yourselves in the head BEFORE the very few of us who are sane, sober and awake have to deal with the consequences of your sheer, bloody-minded stupidity?

  8. Using people's health to make money has got to be the lowest form of money grubbing. People from the future will look back at this American time period with utter repulsion with what republicans have done.

  9. It's no big surprise that Doug Jones voted with the Republicans, as being a southern myself I can assure you southern Democrats arnt much different than Republicans so don't expect to much from Jones.He and other Democrats from the deep south know they don't stand chance of being reelected if they don't play ball with Republicans. However we must know who the other Democrats were and let them know they will not have our support in the midterms.

  10. Shame on the establishment Democrats who voted in favor of confirming this lobbyist sellout: Carper, Coons, Donnelly, Heitkamp, Jones, King (I), Manchin. Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp (no surprise there) but Angus King??? What a disappointment. I had a better opinion of him. Guess I know better now.

  11. Whish you could put a mafia like hierarchy every time you mention bad hombres like those 6 democrats who voted in this new big pharma crook as the new head of DHHS

  12. THIS PLACE is NOW A LIVING HELL. PEOPLE start PRAYING AND REPENT. THE IS NOW. THE DEVIL BEEN LET LOOSE. FARRON you're stressing us the freak out. Lol What can been, nothing? I expect the guillotines to be brought out next week.

  13. Neither the bird-flu or Swine-flu had anything to do with who was in charge of the FDA or with the pharmaceutical industry in general.
    Yes, the pharmaceutical industry was involved in producing vaccines, but that's it!
    It's not them who cause the mass"panic", that's media, just take a look at how people reacted last time there was a big Ebola outbreak in Africa…

  14. Someone should make a documentary about Fox expose thier deception racism and hypocrisy, for generations to come, I suggest Michael moore, the materials are there and abundant. I suggest some one should make an Internet online program that guide undecided voters how to vote, a questioner type program that incorporates points and a score, poll results and poll of poll fact checked claimes and should be user friendly, and confidential, it's a way to make money, if I have the time I would make it. I suggest a respected polling body should make such program in it's website e.g. gallop

  15. Democrats are guilty of doing the same shit.
    When are you going to grow up and let go of this partisan BS?

    Trump is a disgusting swap creature. We all know this. So what?

    To hell with all the finger pointing. We need a fuckin REVOLUTION!!!
    At this point any thing else is just going to prolong the inevitable

  16. As long as Trump is in office it makes no difference who he appoint bc they are going to do what he wants them to do without any argument or a care in the world. 1008 DAYS 13HOURS 25MINUTES 21SECONDS until the next Presidential election

  17. Those diseases was planted during the, Bush Administration. for the sheer fact of big Pharma making profits, with actual fears they have created in the population. so everyone can play into the narrative…

  18. I was already prepared for this country to go to shit.

    Combined with the aftermath of Global Warming, life’s not going to get prettier.

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