Trump on North Korea summit, trade talks with China

President Trump addresses the media after meeting with NATO Secretary General Yens Stoltenberg.

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Written by lena

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  1. President Trump
    please don't hesitate to attack north korea. they are all fake. Please attack
    I know you are genius. you know what to do . however south korea president is communist now. he is a dog of kim jung un now.

  2. I thank God for President Trump. 😊😃😃😊
    A great President. Best one yet. 😃😃😊😊😃
    Liberalism is mental retardation. 😐

  3. Here is my prediction. NK will negotiate with trump. That's all i say. I have reason for why i believe that. But i have no desire to debate lefties or pro Hillarys. Just wait and see if I'm wrong then we are all dead anyway. But when I'm proven right, I'll remain humble.

  4. No one in their right mind would enter into a treaty with Trump, he has torn up so many treaties that no one will ever trust him enough. Kim will keep his nuclear weapons to make sure he does not end up like Saddam or Gaddafi.

  5. Look at the A$$ CLOWN. How much weight has he put on since he took office?? At LEAST 50 lbs. So much for Healthy Eating!!!!!

  6. I have to wonder how Trump's base feels about the Traitor-in-Chief saying that he is now directing the US Commerce Department to make sure that jobs are returned to a Chinese telecommunications company who according to Trump "has lost way too many jobs."   Do Trump supporters so quickly forget that he constantly said China had taken away way too many jobs from Americans????   Oh wait, I am not being fair here.  Trump received a promise of 500 million dollars from a Chinese government-controlled bank only 72 hours earlier towards a property in Indonesia which will make a lot of money for him.   Obviously I am un-American for expecting Trump to do what is best for America instead of what is best for Trump.

  7. If Obama had said he was directing the US government to help China get jobs back they had lost…….OMG…….the cries would have been outrage for impeachment, and I would have led that crusade.  Yet when this greedy Traitor-in-Chief does just that his base does not care????  Unbelievable is too kind a word for this.

  8. Never trust communism country like China
    Thanks Trump so kindly to China. Trum rather blaming US previous leadership than blame Communizem China. China leadership top to down need to learn be honest to the world and their people. I would say today's China leadership are crime politely that just a little bit better than NK.

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