Trump to ATTACK North Korea AND Iran? US is ‘scrapping diplomacy and PREPARING FOR WAR’ – DAILY NEWS

Trump to ATTACK North Korea AND Iran? US is ‘scrapping diplomacy and PREPARING FOR WAR’
DONALD Trump is “scrapping diplomacy and preparing for war” after choosing to oust former national security advisor H.R. McMaster and appoint John Bolton as part of his staff shake-up in the White House, it has been claimed.

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  1. Please do fight soon! I am so sick and tired of watching these videos War3 will start soon! Just fucking fight get this shit over with! North Korea, vows to never giving up they nuke weapons program!

  2. You need to hit him asap before its fare to late and why is Russia wanting to bulid a brighe, too North Korea so that they will be the powerful country in the world why wait till May has he got a day that he is going to wipe America of the map

  3. B.s!!! Stop and hear what's being offered and go from there give it a chance MR.TRUMP…they took some kind of step with South Korea…and deal with war talk if it's a trick after the face to face…

  4. Great informative information but everybody need to come down words have power if they keep talking about war or will appear and it will be the most ugliest time of our History the United State bullying days are about to be over

  5. If Trump had an affair with that whore in 2005, who gives a shit, he was an ordinary citizen then & not in politics, so who cares what he did with his life noon. Its Melania’s problem, not ours. Ngayong president na cya, if he do something stupid like that, then we citizens that he represent can shit about it. But noon, who gives a shit? That’s his private life, & who doesn’t flirt with a billionaire if u’re a whore, that’s an easy $130,000 in her pocket, right? All she did was suck his dick & swallow his cum & spread her legs. Spread the word!!

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