Tucker: Left would rather risk nuclear war than face reality

Tucker: Elites have decided we need to actually provoke Russia, even though they have thousands of nuclear weapons, rather than face the real reason they lost in 2016 and that admit the collusion theory is absurd. #Tucker

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  1. Tucker Carlson is giving us serious analysis, which is why he is being attacked. Keep questioning, keep going against popular opinion, Tucker…to question our lying policymakers and media elites, all hard-core neo-cons, is an honest journalistic approach to helping to shape the debate.

  2. If the Left has any integrity, common sense, and self-introspection, they would not have supported Hillary Clinton, a known liar, and a criminal, to be the candidate of the presidential election in the first place! To this date, there are still plenty of idiotic Democrats who believe that Hillary Clinton is exonerated and therefore, is innocent! These people do MORE damages than good to the United States! Talking about "negative contribution"! If Russia starts a war, for sure the Democrats would put the blame on Trump!

  3. I don't think it is a matter of Liberals afraid of facing reality as much as it is a matter of them understanding reality.

  4. Why couldn’t it be both? Hillary lost because she made a few mistakes and wasn’t a strong candidate, and Trump won with a little help from Russian meddling, but was unaware that the Russians were attempted to help him and his side.

  5. We need more tuck. His asskickingness is addictive. Fox…… post more tuck stuff. U dirty A$$ beeeeeeeeps

  6. I think Tucker has realized America is like a bitch/whore to Israel. Once they are done with destroying the USA economy, they will drop it off at the nearest corner. Being left feeling used and abused for $10

  7. Tucker Carlson is the voice of reason, the democrats will send us to our doom, I will vote Republican from now on(not much better).
    During the election is not a crime to have support for other entities and collusion is not a crime. Trump may be the first president to go out with a self inflicted impeachment.

  8. I'm sorry! I am too old for this stupidity. 1984 – – the novel relates this entire scenario. I know – – you folks know all about it – – you saw the girl run down the aisle and throw the hammer at the screen. IF you want to know what is going on with the 'show trials' and the pol's caught lying to congress and walking free and where it is all leading – – – go to a library, spend 6 hours and READ '1984' if you do you won't be surprised at what is going on – – you will just feel betrayed, afraid, and scurrying for some 'safe space'. I am from America of the 30's – – – you slackers have let this transpire since the coup of 1963.

  9. I forgot to mention – – – if you still have questions – – – hahahaha – – I guess when you know it all or have a smart phone and the right apps you don't have any questions anymore – – – BUT – – -if you do then you should read – 'Brave New World' Or not – – you can google it – – – they wouldn't deceive you! hahahahahahahaha

  10. The establishment media (both conservative and democratic) echo the demands that donors put on them. It's refreshing to hear from Tucker Carlson. Independent thinker, curios, and daring. Pleasure to hear his points of view on just about any issue. More Tuckers, please!

  11. The left, the Democrats, are dangerously delusional and they actually would push the country into WW3 merely to preserve their ideology. The only part of this I simply do not understand, is how anyone, let alone nearly half the country, can support them. Is it an IQ problem? Is it an information deficit problem? Does half the country have serious cognitive issues? Why would nearly half the country vote for leftist totalitarian criminals?

  12. RT, Press TV. Why don't you hire this guy? IDK what his salary demand might be, but he will be more than worth it.

  13. The left, the right, both watching cable fucking news, I can't wait for a good independent candidate to run. How oblivious and ignorant can you be to what's really going on?
    The fact that it's 24/7 Trump and not actual news, should tell you something. Liberals, conservatives, neither one deserve to run this great Nation.

  14. The only real American journalist: Tucker Carlson . Thank you Tucker . We finally get some common sense truth from our mainstream news

  15. could not believe my ears. a national news program allowed a news broadcaster to actually say the truth. GO TUCKER! loved the Syria broadcast. Hope Trump saw it. If he disregards it, my vote will change.

  16. Correction Tucker the corporate dems want war….and let's not ignore the fact trump brought the most obscene warhawk in our nation's recent history on board his administration…..don't make me lose the little respect you earned by blaming one fucking side of Washington……you're smarter than that Tucker

  17. Way to go Tucker. Still can’t figure out why Faux is letting you get away with this. Typically it’s been Faux that has been the war mongers, at least in the past. It’s almost as if the conservatives and liberals have switched, at least in terms of doucheness, war mongering and Propaganda. I remember the Bush years/aka post Patriot Act days and Faux lobbied Bush and the support of invading Iraq and Afghanistan. The “left” leaning msm outlets were the ones against the wars.(for the most part) I can remember when Tucker was on MSNBC and for the most part, I always thought he was OK. Whether I agree with Tucker or not(which as often as I do, I don’t;-), nobody can deny the fact the he murders just about everyone when it comes to debating. He just has a way at verbally stumbling up his “guests” that few possess. And that “rich white preppy” face and smarta#% grin makes it even better(or worse, depending on how you’re looking at it). He’s brutal and I often take great joy in Tucker bringing out the idiot in some people.( whether I agree with him or not)
    However, he stays away from real investigations that goes against the agendas of his higher ups. Plenty enough info out there that suggests That there was way more to 911 then what was being fed down our throats yet Tucker refused to look into it and used the same ol’ “conspiracy theorist” rhetoric they always use.
    These days when the remaining investigative journalists have ran to the hills in fear of their life,career,etc, it’s shocking we get a pundit that tells the full story and looks at things from a intelligent perspective. Unfortunately I believe Faux News is purposely having Tucker run this piece to appear to the public like the news is “fair and balanced”. I wish it was more then that but I’ve lived long enough to know the games these people play.
    Whether genuine or not, good on Tucker for telling like it is. Wish he would take it even further. Tucker Could become the voice of reason. The voice of America which would spread worldwide. He could revolutionize the msm news back into relevance again simply by telling the truth and looking at things reasonably like in the last few pieces he did on the strikes in Syria.

  18. The left blaming russia for their problems is like when hitler blamed the jews. And when we say "lets lower the rifles" they call us the fascists

  19. The press is like Hollywood & NBC & CBS & Disney-ABC, all jewish owned.
    So is Facebook & Amazon & universities & Starbucks & Google & Vegas.
    2% of population (mostly whites) are jews in the US & they control TV, news, advertising, big pharma (chemo) & lobbyists.

  20. Of course there was russian collusion. Crimea and Ukraine no longer in the news ( that is trumps payment for getting the key to the office aka the wikileaks that just " so happened" to attack Hillary Clinton exclusively..

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