Turmel: Justin Trudeau Stops Climate From Changing? Poem


Justin Trudeau leads the fight to stop our climate change,
Blames CO2 for warming, carbon tax he will arrange.
While Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth shows record-setting heat,
Catastrophe is looming if the change we do not beat. G1

But in two thousand 9, the scam exposed in Climategate,
Where Michael Mann used “trick to hide decline” since ’98.
Refused to show the Court his stats for hockey stick graph clear,
Caught fudging numbers so the warmer times would disappear,

Medieval Warming Period, 800 years ago,
Greenland was green and Britain able even grapes to grow.
Mann’s hockey stick omits four centuries of high-temp climes,
And even hid the dust-bowl days of Dirty Thirties times. G3

When Global Warming stopped, Alarmists had to change the name,
To “Climate Change” so either way, they claim to win the game.
Real Temp’rature is measured in “Degrees” where up’s more hot,
But up some “Climes” of Climate Change are units never taught.

30,000-scientist petition blared the why, G4
Man’s not to blame for rise! It’s ball of fire in the sky.
But scientific journals censored all opposed who knew,
While William Connolley at Wikipedia did too!

Professor Keating posted $30,000 dollar bet, G5
“None can disprove that climate changes.” Safe as it can get.
Since climate always changes, it’s a bet no one can meet,
A false bravado with but only one sure way to beat.

So Great Canadian Gambler raised him unexpectedly: GCG
“A hundred says next year is colder, measured by ‘Degree.'” $100
He flashed his $30 Grand on wager that could not be faced,
But folded to my C-note raise. My post he then erased.

Youtube shows David Suzuki crushed for all to see,
He couldn’t even name the data sets on Oz TV.
He wants to jail those he can’t beat in open fair debate,
“Arrested in the Soo!” they kept me shut up by the State.

The sun has settled down, a mini Ice Age on the way,
With Engineering drop-out onto whom the blame we’ll lay:
Justin’s culpable by peddling untrue warmth reports,
For every schmuck found frozen dead still in Bermuda shorts.

“Scientists” who hid decline, their data, won’t bet too,
Til Greenland’s green! we must rethink on what we thought we knew.
Still fooled by trick to hide decline, still Justin leads the way,
“I tried to stop climate from changing” on his resume.

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Trudeau ! Another scum that should be shut DEAD! We are surrounded by GOVERNMENT CRIMINALS ! We will never wake UP !

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