**Tyrant Alert** Pueblo PD – Pueblo, Colorado – Cuffed – 1st Amendment Audit -Officer Body Cam


This is the recently released copy of Officer Romero’s body camera from my detainment in Pueblo, Colorado on March 30, 2018.

Officer Romero #0702

Pueblo PD – 719-553-2538

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  1. Why do all these auditors say "what's your badge number" stupid you are recording this. Go back to kindergarten so you can pronounce the officers names. Personally I don't need your help protecting my rights. If you have a problem with American judicial system, North Korea would love to have you. Wait a minute you don't enjoy freedom just your bs camera games. If you do make it to North Korea invite all your looser followers to go as well. Finally thanks for letting me make my meaningless comments, most the other " auditors" disable the comment section. Gee I wonder why??????

  2. Cop drives his cruiser without seat belt, jumps out and violates a citizen journalists rights. Then as he leaves, he jumps in his cruiser once again driving off without putting on his seat belt yet again. This cop truly believes he is above the law and that his badge gives him special rights. I fear we are going to see more of this guy very soon.

  3. Good job auditor. I hate pigs and when he put his hands on you I just wanted to reach through my phone and backhand him. Fucking irresponsible uneducated pigs.

  4. Holy shit even after all that the damn pig still tried to identify you. Dude, when they know they fucked up and then they try to act like your friend, do not thank them for their help. The fact he called who he called was not doing you a favor, he was doing his job which they should know how to do from the git and protect you and damage control. You must continue to be stern and not give in to thanking them for shit. They just treated you with disregard and the whole time you were innocent and they were ready to kidnap you. This is not worthy of making new friends.

  5. So they just grab any idiot off the street and give them a uniform and a gun to go around and abuse the citizens who pay they hefty salaries and life time benefits.

  6. He is back peddling and trying to do damage control. The officer said on camera that he has one in custody meaning you are under arrest.

  7. They were prepared for the body camera request and didn't want to add a felony tampering charge to the disgrace of the officer good job with the audit

  8. Supervisor was good 1st cop definitely needs a good kicking not physically obviously metaphoricaly speaking of course

  9. The station is refusing to allow anybody to speak with a representative of the dept. They are offering the option to go to their website and fill out a form with your name and address to get a statement sent to them. No transparency. Criminals with a badge. I left messages on voicemails.

  10. I hope you're following up with a lawsuit. Grab and cuff a citizen on a public sidewalk who is not breaking any laws and is not even suspected of breaking any laws? Slap dunk lawsuit!

  11. So what was the outcome on this.. I'm assuming Romero is now a janitor at the police station or should be

  12. the supervisor shook his head yes even stated i know the officer broke the law for no reason but nothing is gonna happen

  13. New sub thanks to P&P Keep up the good work, you, others like you and the educated officers help keep are streets a safer place!

  14. 5:55 The supervisor looks back at the officer and says, "I should've caught you before" meaning, I should've let you know who this guy was before you violated his rights and now files a complaint against you. The fact that they don't know peoples rights or refuse to respect our rights is why nobody trusts them and there is a huge disconnect on where this country is headed and the fact that a supervisor has to inform them beforehand comes down to lack of training & lack of respecting our rights. It's almost as if they want some sort of civil war between cops and citizens and is very disturbing!

  15. This Cop should have fucking tazed this fucking twat. Little nerd has nothing better to do with his pathetic life…. can't get a piece of ass I would guess.

  16. I stopped watching the video at 3:51 because the friggin wind noise was intolerable…GET A MICROPHONE MUFF!…otherwise, I think this might have been a good video. I'll never know now.

  17. So he didn’t want to talk to you(the pig) so put him in cuffs? Thanks for keeping the public safe , idiot

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