U.S. Tied to Torture in Network of Secret Yemen Prisons Run by UAE

– Human Rights Watch and the Associated Press have just published explosive new reports on a secret network of prisons in southern Yemen run by the United Arab Emirates and Yemeni forces. Dozens of people, including children, have been “arbitrarily detained, forcibly disappeared, tortured, and abused” in these prisons, according to Human Rights Watch. American forces reportedly participated in interrogations of detainees who were abused, a potential violation of international law. For more, we speak to Kristine Beckerle of Human Rights Watch.

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  1. Beggars belief?, Nah sounds like par for the course. If the America government has learnt anything from Abu Ghraib, it's more compartmentalisation.

  2. How can anyone be suprised? Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. To have it actually NOT happening would be a surpirse.

  3. None of this will make any difference unless it happens on American soil, or it happens to Americans. The only time anyone seems to be asking for any real action is when an American student is tortured and killed in North Korea. This is a single person being tortured. Trump gloats about this sort of thing.

  4. I'm through!! I have to leave America because the abuses here towards Black and Brown people including the wars, killings of civilians and abuses around the world are going to come to America as it should. This is not only disgusting , but proves that the killings police do here are just fundamental to a country who does not care about life.

  5. what a nasty world we live in and its alll supported by your taxes under the powe of the us government, we need a national stop paying taxes campaign, maybe thats only way they will stop dropping bombs on brown countries and using our tax dollars to fund private prisons for their oil exporters to torture their neighbors with for no real reason… except more power…

  6. CIA needs to be shut down. Why isn't Mossad brought up, in this reporting? I'll bet Israel has their zionists hands in this atrocity, as well?

  7. I request USA authorities to use all its moral and military power to stop torture of any kind especially in Yemen. USA must stop selling weapons to KSA and UAE which are used against the innocent peoples.

  8. I am not always convinced by the quality of HRW, but here I salute the fact they are actively researching the complicity of the USA (i.e. going beyond hearsay and beyond mass media reporting).

  9. Orange Shitbag and his NAZI Hyena Pack just counting the money. These prisons are the international face of America.

  10. Torture was made legal under President Bush and Cheney. It has continued ever since then, despite changes in leadership. The USA has come to represent Torture in its worst forms. Why aren't severe Sanctions being imposed against the USA? Why don't CNN etc report on US Torture?

  11. ILL DUCE can hold three opposing positions RE the same topic w/o the inconvenience of having a policy of any sort. He won't explain what isn't there.

  12. Are people surprised by this? Do people really think these things aren't always happening?
    "violated the laws of war" is hilarious. As much as the Geneva Conventions are hailed, there is no such thing as law in war. That is naive.

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