Ubiquiti UniFi 48 Port Switch Unboxing & RACK Mounting – 664

This Ubiquiti UniFi 48 Port Switch is replacing my 12 year old Linksys switch. It really has 52 ports and that includes two 10 Gbit SFP+ ports, that I will be using to up-link to my Ubiquiti UniFi US-16-XG 10G Switch.

Both these switches was bought on Amazon using the amazon affiliate program.

Unkyjoe’s Playhouse :

Link UK – Ubiquiti 48 port switch’s :
Link US – Ubiquiti 48 port switch’s :
Link UK – Ubiquiti UniFi US-16 XG 10G :
Link US – Ubiquiti UniFi US-16 XG 10G :


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Written by lena

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  1. In case of power consumption, on the Ubiquity back there is a value of 56W and on Linksys is value 1.0A for 200-240V so its 240W. So big difference!

  2. The only thing I dislike about ubiquiti is that they reserve vlan 1. Yes, I know, changing vlans around on a multisite corporate network is a 5 minute job, completely risk free, and disturbs nobody (…), but that is what I inherited. And in the Linksys switch the ~200k resistor from the top of the input electrolytic, and the ~4.7uF across the controller IC are probably ripe for replacement.

    Looking forward to more on that switch. We're considering it (we just have to solve a tiny little switch closet depth problem first:-).

  3. Nice product and video Morten. I'm always wondering how long a device like this switch will survive mounted in that way. An HP 48 ports we bought at work stated that it could be rack mounted but it needs a support from bottom…

  4. I have mixed feelings about those things. It does not really smell that professional, especially if you used HP, Cisco, Juniper or even Dell before. In my experience a large, lit thingy is a dead giveaway. I have never really seen that on a switch and I would not know why it has one. I tested a 16-port 10Gbit one from them (only 600€, cheap!) and it seems okay, even the web interface. It is not the most professional thing but it will do for most people. Of course it does not have redundant PSUs or stacking but you can counteract that with 2, 4 or more switches to have no single point of failure at the heart of your network. But if it is any good only shows after a couple of years of service the switch has been up running without a reboot. The internet seems to flooded with those things and reviews as of late.

  5. I just bought a used Linksys SRW2024P in great shape from eBay. Same model as your old one just 24 Ports with PoE. I hope mine last just as long as yours did. Can't wait until I get it lol.

  6. I've recently upgraded to a 16 and a 24 port PoE switch, two AP Pro's and a USG at work.
    Makes it far easier to manage than the various brands I had before, plus a few PoE injectors because there weren't enough ports for all our phones on the old switches.

  7. I do not know about everyone else, but I was looking forward to that doll collection… #Jesting Morten, I am glad to see you adopting Ubiquiti's connection solutions after so many of my other friends have done the same. I hope it serves you marvelously well!

  8. Do not plug both power in unless it specifically says that you can use both at the same time as you could destroy the power supply inside the switch or/and maybe kill the switch motherboard (even the hp switch I have has warnings about not doing it but mine is hard wired DC option)

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