Ugly side of Indian Army in Kashmir, starts demolishing houses

Ugly side of Indian Army in Kashmir, starts demolishing houses

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  1. Indian army can never be on ugly sides it's fake news . This man must be high level terrorist supporting Pakistan n Islam therefore he must be beaten.

  2. fack news, Indian army never did it. Pakistan trying to influence other countries by fack computer graphics photo.

  3. Are ugly nahi yeh to beautiful side hai Hamari Army ka . Agar aur dekhna yeh side to aajao 👊👊👊👊👊

  4. Hijade ke bacche hai yeh log pkistani randia allah nahi bachayga tum bhen ke lodo ko randi ke baccho .. israel aur India ek saath hai aur Islam mita
    Denge randia

  5. If it is done by Indian soldier then I am proud of them because the stone throwers of Kashmir should be treated like this, in fact, they should be shot down those who are supporting Pakistan terrorist.

  6. Teri maki chute maru land le indian army tere chute me land denge tere chute launda hi hogaa

  7. Pakistan wallo suno Pakistan ki tarfdaari karts ho or India me kashmer ko hadpnaa chaahte ho whaa me logo ko badkaate ho to esaa hi hogaa Tate paked me pakistan

  8. Agey there chooth me humara Lund………..there ghar ko girayetho thoo hamare saath sojavo na

  9. Teri maa ki chute media kasmir ke bare maat chute 6 inch land dungaa muli chute chodunga media sali pakistani

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