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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I’ve also sent this message to Ed, but I wanted to see if there were any responses in the general public: if someone were to say, “I wouldn’t kill animals that I raise or keep, but have no problem with killing animals with no relation to me, or someone else’s animals”, what would be a good response to a statement like that? I suppose this is no argument to justify such actions, but rather someone that simply doesn’t care. A humanized example would be that beyond common courtesy rules and not being an asshole (hold the door open, chew with your mouth closed, general politeness, etc.), I personally don’t care about “other” people, or people that I don’t know. This would apply to animals that I do or don’t interact with. No, I wouldn’t kill an animal I raised or kept. I couldn’t care less for a random stranger’s animal or animals I’ve never met though. I’m not trying to disrespect and I just want to know if there is possibly an argument that could be used against this, so please be courteous.

  2. Latest vegan hippie news…. now vegans are not allowed to eat their girlfriend pussy because it might be bleeding….. vegans are also looking forward to their new diet missing out on vitiams a deficiency and b twelve and omega five and k one and two…. vegan activts are so lazy they won't apply for a job…. why should he when you silly vegans keep giving him money

  3. Your a faggot your argument with that farmer made no sense. You said I could beat up a child that's fucked up. Sick head.

  4. After being vegan for a year and a half, I stumbled upon your videos and have watched them all up until this point. I must say that you are an inspiration for us all for standing up for life and the living, as that shows your true alliegiance between life and death, between what is right and what is wrong. Your actions clearly shows to the rest of us, that you have chosen LIFE as the LIVING (caring for sentient entities such as animals) rather than towards death as the unliving (caring for unsentient entities such as money), which gives us all an example of a proper behaviour to have in order to change our world for the better.

    What is truly precious within the universe – as the source for the life which inhabits all sentient beings within it -, is the expression of LIFE itself, which can only be done through sentient entities, or through that which can perceive and act within the universe. It is our sentience which unites us all together as individual expressions of the ONE source that we are all a part of, as we are all parts of the same energy as LIFE which surrounds and fulfills us; which gives us sentience. LIFE as the energy which surrounds and fulfills us, evolves when the living conditions of all sentient life forms are optimised, which allows the greatest possible expression of LIFE to be expressed. Who knows what LIFE as ourselves can express when every living entity is allowed to flourish in their expressions within this world? Who knows what we will accomplish, if we allow ourselves to care for LIFE and the LIVING – all sentient entities – rather than caring for death and the unliving – all unsentient entities – as our current actions as a collective shows to be the case? Who knows what we will evolve into if we allow ourselves to be guided by the light which inhabits our hearts – care -, rather than the darkness which inhabits our minds – fear? Such future will only be made possible when humanity will allow itself to care for LIFE and the LIVING – all life forms – rather than caring for death and the unliving – all inanimate objects – on this planet. Only then will LIFE express itself fully in this world, thus giving us all the inherent benefits of such an expression, wich is paradise on earth.

    You are a pioneer of that paradise to be, as your actions clearly pave the way for the greatest possible expressions of LIFE and the LIVING within this world, or the world that was ordained by the higher order in the universe.

  5. Hi , I’m Emma and I’m 14 years old. I’m going to give a presentation to my class about veganism and why I went vegan, because my friends don’t understand why I’ve gone vegan. But I’m really nervous. Does anyone have some tips for me?

  6. There are critical vitamins and minerals which can be deficient in a vegan diet particularly vitamins b 12 vitiam d iron calcium zinc and riboflavin vegan diets can also increase the risk of vitamins a deficiency and b twelve and omega five and k one and two…. monkeys are forcibly trained and held captive in Thailand to collect the coconuts from the tall trees in Thailand now vegans are so pathetic they won't eat coconuts… soon vegans will starve…. wheat is fertizled by bone meal and animals products such as blood meal fish products bone meal feces or other animal origin matter… it is a legal requirement for farmers In the UK Canada and Australia to fertizled there crops by bone meal and animals products such as blood meal fish products bone meal feces or other animal origin matter…. therefore there is no such thing as a vegan diet it's impossible…. vegans must grow their own vegetables and wheat in the back garden or apparement where the vegan hippie lives lettuce it's on bite size vegan q and a….

  7. Just wondering how u could do public outreach when ur working almost 40hrs a week. Also how to set up a Cube of Truth in ur local town?

  8. Ed, I'm bringing this up here, and to you. Here as it's your most recent video and to you ~ as opposed to others~ because you are English, and perhaps are more knowledgeable about some of the royal family"s traditions and what they may represent.
    The Royal wedding the other day was, of course, lovely. But I became aware of my own growing…dis~ease, perhaps, with regard to both the Duke and Duchess speaking about all of the "human rights" issues they say they plan to be involved in going forward. What a great opportunity and platform for Veganism it would be, if their "Human Rights" work became "Living Being Rights". It could be huge.

    But there's something else that I saw as I watched the procession leaving the castle grounds, and as they proceeded through Windsor I was completely saddened and so utterly dismayed to see the ceremonial horses. The white ones pulling the couple's actual carriage was the worst thing I saw. I could be mistaken, but it seemed as though the rider that was on the horse on left (from H&M's view point), was pressing a crop or something into the shoulders of the riderless horse, as they traveled in tandem, which seemed to someone like me who is unfamiliar with this particular traditional element of the pageantry …that the crop was perhaps being utilised to keep the empty horse, walking straight ahead, while having to keep facing the horse with the rider, at all times! If that is the case, the thought of what the training g for this must be like for these beautiful beings must simply be grueling, horrible and just… Why??

    To my way of thinking, Harry and Meghan ~ not to mention the other royals of their generation, could do so much to change these cruelties of centuries. Much of the pomp and circumstance, the history and the pageantry is special and unique and quite wonderful to see in this age of electronics and instant everything. But work needs to be done to remove the cruelty, at the same time, raise the awareness of the public about the exploitation of animals, simply for our own 'pleasure" 'entertainment" and amusement.

    Thanks, Ed, for allowing me to bang on about this. I'm not English, except by ancestry and didn't know where else I could go to talk about this.🌱🌍

  9. I have not watched all of your videos, have you had some conversations with medical doctors/nutritionists? if not will you please? if so could someone point me to those videos?

  10. I’d like to be an activist, but I can’t expose myself to caged calves on their way to slaughter. Just watching the footage fucks me up to the point where I don’t want to get out of bed for days. I always have to look away when those clips come up on videos and documentaries. There’s no way I could witness it in real life.

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