US Blocks UN Investigation into Israeli Military Killings in Gaza (pt. 2/2)

As the May 12 deadline for the Iran Nuclear Agreement looms, Trump and his new foreign policy advisors, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, are determined to toe Netanyahu’s line about cancelling the agreement, seeking regime change in Iran, says Col. Larry Wilkerson

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  1. A nuclear armed occupation regime, apparently without any fixed borders, financed to the tune of billions by the "free world", has never kept its given word on any treaty or agreement EVER , never has to pay any heed to international law, laughs at the UN, the ICC and every other international organization trying frantically to hold our civilization together,proud owner of the worlds largest ever open air concentration camp where it experiments with new and innovative ways to murder, maim and generally make life as miserable as it can for the unfortunate inmates, and just guns them down when they have the temerity to complain, while at the same time whining about how small and helpless it is, and that it must be allowed to defend itself with tanks and gunships against children throwing rocks, really ?, is this the best we can do ? the pinnacle of our species culture, the most we can aspire to ?

  2. I am Not saying this bcuz im a Muslim. the saudi regime is not the world's greatest exporter of terrorism. i hate the saudi regime wholeheartedly and im a Muslim, Sunni & Salafi. im politically allied with the great nation of Iran, they're on the right side of history. the US & the zionist regime are the greatest terrorist organisation to ever exist to date. the saudis & all of the other terrorist govs. around the world and terrorist mercenaries proxy groups are extensions belonging in part to the world's most ruthless US terrorist organisation.

    YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE PRODUCTS OF THIS. Options include defanging the generals and their "peace vs war atoms". Stop buying into their product line. ALL OF IT.

  4. Get Kushner out of the White House!! He is implementing Israeli government policy and imagines that is the same as US foreign policy!!

  5. The capital of the US , is Israel. And they “ always” need an enemy. Without an enemy they can’t get money. That’s why WW2 will never be forgotten. Forever.

  6. Israel runs America period. Killed JFK because he wanted AIPAC registered as a foreign lobby. Bang dead.

  7. The US will renege against the nuclear agreement because the US needs time to build up their own arsenal of nuclear weapons. Remember Trump addressing the State of the Unions, said: "We Will Build the biggest arsenal of weapons that the world will fear us".

  8. What will it take for Western liberal opinion to fully adapt and denounce these humanitarian crimes? Are we too distracted with the domestic circus to care? I know CNN, MSNBC, etc would never mention this to the degree necessary, but forget the talking heads, more Americans need to know the truth about Israeli activity.

  9. Satans will look on each other…no surprise. I really hope that all the stupid Arab leaders (that currently being played by both US and the Zionist) will unite and turn the table on both.


  11. Wow concidering the Islamic states&communist states partnership votes dominate the Un you know it's real when they agree.

  12. This channel is communist/islamic state bias. You can hear the people
    Publically saying Iran and others are coming it's no doubt that if you don't bring it to Iran they are going to bring war to you.

  13. both Trump and Netanyahu are spoiled, corrupt oligarchs- deep down the biggest, most cowardly types

  14. Israel and the US seem to lack respect for human rights. The behavior of both countries is more fascistic each year. And Europe doesn't seem to be the more moderate voice that it often used to be.

  15. Trump knows exactly what is happening. He's a part of the same brotherhood. I don't believe he's as dumb as he plays at all

  16. JERUSALEM// holographic world the tale of two cities // Trump wants National Guard on Mexican border until wall built

    Jeff Mason

    4 MIN READ

  17. Rachel Corrie
    Rachel Corrie
    Rachel Corrie

    Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer on 16 March 2003, while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition.

  18. Don't go near their boarder simple. I don't understand the Palestinian so burning of tyres is call PEACE. Let us stand 140meters

  19. That crazy deal needs to be terminated. Giving Iran nukes is like giving matches to an arsonist. How stupid are you people!!!? Or haven't you seen all the protests in the streets of Iran where we the American people are refered to as big satan, and Israel is little satan, and that they promise to wipe both countries off the map!

  20. Criminal Rogue Nation will stick together United States Israel Britain France Saudi Arabia Al-Qaeda Isis NATO all criminal murderer who invented occupied on a false flag and the media back them up 100% which make the Western media just as guilty of committing atrocities across the world but these Rogue Nation need to understand the world is waking up they're paying attention and you will pay the consequences for your actions

  21. Go and investigate pislamic terrorists not Israel
    Any sincere people will love Israel
    Pislamic Mohammad married 9 yrs aisha

  22. When is the media, calling on this war mongers killing innocent people. They call people russian bods, for us siding with the truth, and they close Thier eyes to all the suffering of Palestinians. Shame on them. Every one should switch off to BBC and sky news, also the media that's telling lies. Israel should be disarmed, and be metted the same treatment it gives to others, there's nothing godly about rogue states who kills for Thier pleasure. Instead of beating the war drum this spineless government, should stop Israel from killing others.

  23. DONALD TRUMP is a TRIOTOR to his voting base. A Israel Zionist global elite Rothschilds LUCIFERIAN. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

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