US Issues Wikileaks Ultimatum: Cut Off Assange

United States Secretary of State John Kerry issued an ultimatum about Julian Assange, demanding that he be cut off from the internet.

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Written by lena

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  1. Just read that Ecuador did restrict his Internet access yet it was not at the request of the US and the state dept is denying any involvement.
    Now I'd like to believe that but your such a crock of lying shits, how can any country in the world take the USA at face value anymore?
    All your government does is lie coverup for crooks and when the truth comes out look for someone to blame and lock up those who uncover the facts.
    I've never known US credibility be this low and can't believe people want Hilary who will just drag you down more.

  2. What ultimatum? How dare Kerry. What would they plan to do…another government overthrow like Ukraine? Why would any country let the US bully them? GO AWAY USA!

  3. kerry world government puppet,threw his war medals on the capital steps and he has a katshup bottle shoved up his ass at all times

  4. Margaret I'm SO sorry but I didn't hear a word. Gorgeous Red-heads are my kryptonite and you embody almost every male/female fantasy out there. Just saying??

  5. Ecuador please do not bow down to this Marxist Government we have in the United States right now. If Hillary gets into office there will be no way of stopping them. And you will be next in their cross hairs.

  6. I like how the page they showed at the beginning was written by a conspiracy theorist who by the way, had no evidence to support this claim, they even admit in the video that it is just a wild conspiracy theory

  7. The US Government can suck my star-spangled cock. I look forward to hoisting Obama up on a streetlight so that his kids can watch him kick and shit himself on the end of a rope.

  8. Well, that sure was not the smartest move, may as well just validated everything they were releasing. They just squandered there best defense which was they were fabricated. Bravo Mr Kerry, you sir are an idiot!

  9. So this Kerry guy cuts off internet for Assange because he's trying to tell the truth about the Clintons? Another traitor to put in jail then.

  10. Gee, maybe he shouldve just released the information rather than announcing that he had it and then not releasing it. Fucking dumbass…

  11. I like how you put the date on the bottom.. it pisses me off when I'm watching fox videos or something and idk when it was aired live

  12. I demand we the people hang Kerry, Obama and Clinton on the White House lawn. Maybe then we will curb corrupt politicians.

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