US Quits UN Human Rights Council – Should We Cheer?

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced this week that the US would be quitting the UN Human Rights Council. Haley cited bias against Israel as a prime factor in the US decision. Is this a good move…or more politics?

What do you think?

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Written by lena

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  1. the US alone is the single biggest human rights .. abuser in the entire world … fact not fiction .. they kill more people in one day than there are people starving in the world

  2. The day is coming soon that Americans will be hunted and killed world wide for the simple fact they represent in some manner or form a criminal regime constituted by a double talking constitutional dictatorship ruled by a super oligarchy elite and their delusional perverted lackeys of hypocrites from religious zealots to amoral existential relativist nonsense: READ INVASION & OCCUPATION OF ROME BY THE VISIGOTHS.

  3. Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers quit the League of Nations as a foreword towards them starting WWII after all like many American they don't like being told they are hypocrites and evils.

  4. Just on our private prison system alone, who are we to talk? Want rape a 12 year old? Need new kidneys ? What the hell do you think the open border policy is about?

  5. When Haley dies I would very much like to aquire her corpse and preserve it for it would make a most excellent scarecrow for my farm.

  6. Only pigs would lick on dirty a**holes.. perhaps deserving to be roasted or barbecued.. excuse me for the lack of better words.. may all the lost souls return to it's earthly bodies.. and peace be upon all humanity.. Ameen..

  7. This will be great fodder for the left to point the finger at Trump, but in reality, this has nothing to do with Trump, this IS about Israel. This works two fold for Israel/Zionists: Trump is just a puppet, meant to further Zionists goals, and to divide the American people.

  8. The US has spent $7 trillions US dollars printed from thin air on middle east wars.. with $310+ billions annually special interests to be paid to private owned Zionist central banks.. for the $21 trillions ballooning national debts.. while 140 millions of 300 millions people are still living in poverty.. and while 120 unarmed protesters murdered by IDF.. illegal sanctions of Gaza and violator of 200+ UN resolutions critical against Israel etc etc etc.. may the world awaken to the US/Israel crimes against all humanity.. and dump the US dollars toilet papers as reserve currency or for oil trading.. Ameen..

  9. I might be the only one thinking this, but I'd like to see Ron debating big government statists again, in a format which gives enough time for a proper answer (unlike those stupid presidential debates).

  10. Dr. Ron Paul, why don't we focus on the remedies instead of the symptoms? No I know you do talk about personal Liberties and the importance of personal liberties we need to dig a little bit deeper, we need to illustrate the damages and injuries of the human spirit that are caused through Central planning, and those are lack of self-worth, sound mind and maturity and as a result of that the people like the ability form and maintain love, empathy and forgiveness. The focus should be on these six primary components of human spirit that are necessary to end the generational trauma the people have endured as a result of central planning I'm over 2000 years. So the whole thing could be economic freedom and sound money the way to enhancing and maintaining the six components of human spirit. How do you like that is that a good thing for the show? It focuses on the root cause it's a fact and the only remedy available, once again economic freedom and sound money.

  11. Nikki Haley is a dumb cunt!

    ALL of this shit in the middle east is for Israel!

    I'm about sick of Israel's shit!

    Fuck Israel!

  12. They put Saudi on the council a while back and I thought it would be a mistake but Saudi just lifted the ban on women driving so perhaps the Congo will improve too. But first a nation must be able to acknowledge that there is room for improvement. The US, my country, is in a drop in human rights in our own nation as the politicians reduce our constitutional rights, such as right to privacy, (Bush), all of habeus corpus which is right to know the charges against you, right to a speedy trial and right to a trial at all(Obama had a US citizen assassinated without benefit of trial) reduced right to protest, (Obama made it illegal to protest on government lands), protection from warrantless search and seizure (Under Obama the Supreme Court took that too), and then we go into other nations against their wishes and destroy them with no regard for the rights of the people in those nations. We also fund Israel who is a huge human rights violator, in fact our tax dollar paid for the walls to the concentration camps in which the Israelis keep the Palestinians for their entire lives. The US is also aiding Saudi in the genocide of the Yemen people. Does any of that compare to what is going on in Congo? IT ISN'T A CONTEST. The difference is that the US will NEVER acknowledge our faults! We are and always have been incapable of apology. Let Nikki Haley take her marbles and go home because neither holding her breath til she turned blue nor stomping out of the UN in a tantrum didn't work. Perhaps if life on the Human Rights Council goes on well without us then the US will see that the entire world can live better without us and we will start being a little nicer to people and nations.

  13. The fact this video has over 10 000 views and under 600 likes/dislikes tells me the content went way over a lot of peoples heads. It's a shame people don't know that much on how "their" governments work, but not surprising.

  14. Yeah not only cheer but encourage them to continue on that path and hopefully the"ll pull out of the rest of the world instead of continue bombing it to death!

  15. The U.N. is little more than a political club. They have no legal authority, rights or juridiction to interdict on the sovereignty of independent nations. Every time The U.N. tries to enforce any of its resolutions by force, coercion or monetary isolation it has in essence, broken international law.

  16. You normally see a pretty face selling a lie, yet Nicky Haley is not pretty looks more like a Zionist crack whore!

  17. ……..just a thought.    This quitting of the council happened mere days before a merging took place between the federal education dept. and the Labor Dept.  Gee, what could possibly go wrong there?  School children are being data mined via public, private partnerships for corporate profits. Sounds like a huge human rights issue to me.  And a conflict of interest that was moved out of the way.  safety net for human beings, ….gone.

  18. Well I think the world is cheering. One beligerant state gone. There will now be a chance and justice in this world.

  19. If you're good to them, they just make tons more of themselves to fuck you for helping them. But people die, and there's always some powerful do-gooder who probably never realizes that that's the world's biggest problem.

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