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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I follow a vegan style diet 5 days a week, a vegetarian style diet 1 day a week and on Sunday's I have egg whites with breakfast and fish with dinner. As much as I would like to go full on I feel very weak every time I try. I'm not sure what category that makes it. It's not vegan or vegetarian but I kill less animals and have lowered cholesterol so it's a step in the right direction.

  2. i guess you dont like killing yeah.Well plants are also alive so if you are eatin them instead of meat you arent different from the other you can even be killing more. If you thing about it plants are creating all the of oxigen on the planet .

  3. well-needed. veganism is the way to go. there should be so many more vegans in the world and the world would be a happier place, people and animals.

  4. Im swiss and vegetarian. I understand vegans, but in the country i live in, i don't think it is necessary. You can really just go to your local farmer and see their chickens and see their cows. You also see free roaming cows when you go on hikes. A friend of mine has his favoritr cow he brushes and grooms (she is called Elke) . I wouldn't want to eat eggs if i didn't know where it came from. But since i know, i think it's okay. Maybe it's because i am from another country, but i think that there can be a morally correct way to live with animals and eat their eggs. Not by mass production. But maybe having a house chicken that you love and take care of. Noone would want to hurt his beloved dog. So why not make the same with cows and chicken? They can be really affectionate i know from experience.

  5. I thought it was crazy when my Mom said I was being difficult on Thanksgiving. My reaction was that I'm the least picky eater in the whole house: just give me veggies, "you know, the stuff you buy that no one eats cuz their too interested in the buttery our greasy dishes…" You don't even have to cook them….

  6. Veganism is not looking at the impact of or choices. Veganism is loterally not eating animal related product.

  7. I had the best chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese. It was lovely and I regret nothing. I and billions others will die before going Vegan.

  8. I'm just upset that there are NO healthy food option stores near my high-school. Absolutely none. So i have to make my own food and since I come home late I have to do it at night, sometimes I don't have the time to cook, and it all has to stay overnight. I spend 3/4 of my day away from home because I travel to school, and an apple or fruit salad just won't do. I know this is just looking for excuses but it's hard.

  9. İ think it isa must-do thing to be a vegan but even if feeding vegan is easy to manage, living vegan makes me give up. There are many essential things are not vegan and we don't have any options about them. (Phones, cars, houses, money etc. ) I though i must be a real vegan not just stop eating animal flesh and keep my conscience comfortable.that is not veganism. That is just self-deception. I don't think that i have the right for using the living organisms that have senses. But i guess i am begining to loose my faith to veganism. As i said, i don't want to comfort my conscience and be half-vegan. But i don't want to be irrevent to animals anymore. I mean i am confused and i need advices.

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  11. not evreyone lives in america not evreyones have confort and momey to be a vegan yeah thats means we are bad people for killing thous retarded animels (they dont give a fuck about u)

  12. Cultured meat for the future!!!!
    96% less greenhouse gases…
    1% of the land use…
    Cultured meat is the future…

  13. once you realize convenience "win all and takes all in society" you will realize why veganism will never be fully developed in the world.

  14. Nice. When people ask me about veganism, I always tell them (a version of) the following:

    Veganism means that you avoid contributing to the unnecessary suffering and death of innocent animals simply by making some minor lifestyle changes that also happen to be better for the environment and your personal health.

  15. Wow- a friggin Longhorn Steakhouse commercial comes on before this video about being a vegan. A body that does not have to try to digest animal flesh will be much healthier.

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